Where & Why

This was not where I wanted to be
This was not where I wished to go
What was it that I sought
What was my ultimate desire?
Desires there seemed to be none
Why then was I even here
Unless there was a want a need
What reason made me stay here
No goals no aims to work on
No path I had now to walk on
Surely the divine had this planned
Or else why would I be here?


There I was amidst the crowd
Merging and gelling around
The moments passed to hours
And soon it was time to go
The sanctity of home beckoned
The silence, the solitude awaited
A pull, a tug to leave and go
To the haven of solitude and bliss
The stillness in the silence
This was the ultimate experience
Why then the need to go out
When it all was right within
Why step out at all in the ocean
When it all was at the shore