There I was amidst the crowd
Merging and gelling around
The moments passed to hours
And soon it was time to go
The sanctity of home beckoned
The silence, the solitude awaited
A pull, a tug to leave and go
To the haven of solitude and bliss
The stillness in the silence
This was the ultimate experience
Why then the need to go out
When it all was right within
Why step out at all in the ocean
When it all was at the shore

Here and now

What is it that we want from life
Is it wealth or peace or joy
Every moment we want to enjoy
Yet are we there in the light
Or are we lost in sheer darkness
Of past memories and future plans
Is any moment a present moment?
Or is it always yesterday or tomorrow
Never is it today…never is it here and now…
Never are we ever in the moment
Never are we here and now…

Dark Nights

I walk ahead, not knowing where I go…
I just know within that its where I have to go.
I trip and fall, yet I get up and walk…
I can’t wait ‘coz the time ticks on the clock.
The journey is long with its ups and downs…
I go on moving like the waves in the ocean…
Changing the tide but never the rhythm…
I know not what I seek or want…
But deep within I know what I want.
I walk ahead, not turning to see my past…
I walk ahead not caring to see my future…
I walk for I know that every step I took is the past…
I walk for I know that every step I’ll take is the future…
I walk undeterred as I know within
That I will seek and gain what I want
It is not how the journey is that matters
It is whether I seek and attain what I want…