Where & Why

This was not where I wanted to be
This was not where I wished to go
What was it that I sought
What was my ultimate desire?
Desires there seemed to be none
Why then was I even here
Unless there was a want a need
What reason made me stay here
No goals no aims to work on
No path I had now to walk on
Surely the divine had this planned
Or else why would I be here?



Myriad colorful lights
Like the rainbow
Seven colors of delight
Strings and sparks of light
A heavenly sight

Yet was this heaven
Or a scene of the mind
A light I had sought
Was this the light?

The beauty entrapped me
I whirled with happiness
Life just seemed so full
Things just seemed so right

Yet deep down I sensed
This was not the sight
I closed my eyes to see
Dark alleys I could see

No light anywhere
All lights had disappeared
In the darkness somewhere
Fear gripped me
As darkness engulfed me

Where were the lights gone?
Where had the happiness gone
It all seemed too dark
It was a night so stark

Where was the light I sought?
I wished to see the ray of light
Not the rainbow color lights
A light that would adorn me
A light that would enlighten
The one that showed the path
That was the light I sought
It would never go once caught

I could not see it at all
Yet I knew it was there
Suddenly I opened my eyes
Blinded by the light
It had all been a dream

I screamed with delight
Finally the dream was over
Flooded with the light
I swam in joy and delight
It had never left me
The light had always been here

I smiled as this was no dream
Alert aware and awake I was
Soaking in the light of joy
Absorbed in it I was
A vision so clear never was…