Thank you God…

A cool breeze with a light drizzle…

That is what I see today as I look out of the window. Thunder I hear as the drizzle continues…

Everything keeps changing as change is the only thing that is constant.
Just like the weather our moods, situations and circumstance keep changing. How far can we control or how much are we in control of the same?

We are not! And we need not. Controlling may have become a habit for us, but it is of not much use as it only leaves us frustrated.

Even as I am writing this post, I can see the clouds a bit scared of the bright sun that is making its presence felt. I wonder as I watch the play of nature…
The vast sky with clouds, sun and the rain all together taking turns and making their presence felt.


Life too is the same. Any moment the clouds can turn dark, it can rain and very soon the sun will shine through spreading its warmth.
If we just accept, witness and absorb…we will feel blessed and blessed…

Why try fighting something we cannot fight anyway? Life is like a puzzle…a jumbo puzzle with all pieces strewn here and there. One by one the pieces will join themselves and the whole puzzle will be complete one day…until then it will always remain a puzzle!

Life is uncertain and it is this uncertainty that makes life so interesting. Who wants a typical boring routine life? It would look like a sea without waves…absolutely boring!

The waves, huge and small, dancing one after the other, swaying and overlapping, merge at the shore, only to reemerge again…

How different are we? It is the same for us…nature has its ways and we are just part of her. She plays she decides she creates…we just flow…like the wave we smile and sway…we merge and rise and the play goes on…

The sun is shining a little more brightly now as I close this post. I can feel the warmth as though the rays are hugging me and enveloping me. Secure and safe, warm and cocooned I breathe in and murmur a prayer…

Thank you Lord for attuning me to mother nature and reflecting all the beauty within me and around me…



Waves of emotions

pexels-photo (2)


Why the waves rise only to fall

They fall then rise to a wave

Did the same wave rise and fall

Or each time was it a new wave?


Just like our emotions that waver

The waves rise and fall asunder

They dance hither tither unaware

In our mind creating a flutter…

No mind!




Stop! said the mind

Why? asked the drop

‘Coz i am superior

Who said so?

I know so

You know not though

I do know though

You are but an illusion

Its just your imagination

A heap of impressions

The heap makes me strong

Again your illusion

I rule the senses

Is what you think so

I control the body

You really think so?

I am the mighty mind

‘coz you lost the intellect

Why do I need intellect?

to discriminate and assess

Why would I need that?

To learn and know the truth

I am the supreme ruler

There is only one supreme

That is me, I said so

Look beyond and see so

I am whole and complete

Its what you assume so

How do you know so?

A Speck of the same I am

None is superior than me

You will dissolve in your pride

Better than I admit defeat

There is no fight here

I believe its war here

if there were two to fight

There is another, other than me

It is a block, unveil the screen

Layers are my strength

no they are your weakness

I need them to live and rule

they are just a deception

I refuse to accept defeat

Just accept your deceit

What would happen then

the supreme will absolve you

why would I want that

as you need to rest a while

I already feel so light

dissolve and absolve

no sound…no words…

Dissolved completely

eternally…it became “No Mind”