Thank you God…

A cool breeze with a light drizzle…

That is what I see today as I look out of the window. Thunder I hear as the drizzle continues…

Everything keeps changing as change is the only thing that is constant.
Just like the weather our moods, situations and circumstance keep changing. How far can we control or how much are we in control of the same?

We are not! And we need not. Controlling may have become a habit for us, but it is of not much use as it only leaves us frustrated.

Even as I am writing this post, I can see the clouds a bit scared of the bright sun that is making its presence felt. I wonder as I watch the play of nature…
The vast sky with clouds, sun and the rain all together taking turns and making their presence felt.


Life too is the same. Any moment the clouds can turn dark, it can rain and very soon the sun will shine through spreading its warmth.
If we just accept, witness and absorb…we will feel blessed and blessed…

Why try fighting something we cannot fight anyway? Life is like a puzzle…a jumbo puzzle with all pieces strewn here and there. One by one the pieces will join themselves and the whole puzzle will be complete one day…until then it will always remain a puzzle!

Life is uncertain and it is this uncertainty that makes life so interesting. Who wants a typical boring routine life? It would look like a sea without waves…absolutely boring!

The waves, huge and small, dancing one after the other, swaying and overlapping, merge at the shore, only to reemerge again…

How different are we? It is the same for us…nature has its ways and we are just part of her. She plays she decides she creates…we just flow…like the wave we smile and sway…we merge and rise and the play goes on…

The sun is shining a little more brightly now as I close this post. I can feel the warmth as though the rays are hugging me and enveloping me. Secure and safe, warm and cocooned I breathe in and murmur a prayer…

Thank you Lord for attuning me to mother nature and reflecting all the beauty within me and around me…



As the sun sets…


She flew across the sky
Her throat felt parched
Bits of food she sought
Her babies she had left
Alone in the nest
Hungry they would be
Was her only thought

She swooped down low
Picked some morsel
Flew back to her home
To her three tiny babies
who chirped with delight
As she fed them bits
She hugged them tight

Soon she was flying again
In search of more food
Flying endlessly at times
The scorching hot sun
Never dithered her daily run
She had to feed her babies
Was her sole aim and thought

Fear dawned upon her
As she left them unguarded
Flying across the sky
She felt tired and drained
Soon they would grow up
With large wings and feathers
This gave her solace strength to fly

At times no food she found
Tears she shed of sorrow
Her babies chirped endlessly
With hunger that only grew
She would flap and fly across
Look for some bits and morsels
To feed her hungry littles

Grief choked her throat
As sorrow gripped her heart
Unable to see her tiny tots
Lying with hunger distraught
Her deep cry to the almighty
Saved her babies and herself
Soon she flew and time began to fly

Babies grew up… now older
She pushed them from the nest
With her bleeding heart
She sent them flying away
It was time for them to fly
View the world and around
and manage their own way

Tears she cried of joy
As she saw her kids fly
They had flown the nest
Roamed around the world
Made their own new nest
Successful in their endeavor
Happy and free they were

Tears she cried of loneliness
Her wings old and battered
She had lost her strength to fly
She moved around the nest
Not knowing what to do
Her time in this world was over
There was nothing she could do

Time and tide had aged her
She sank into the nest
Tired and lonely she felt
As she lied down to take rest
Her eyes peered outside
For a glimpse of her child
Time was running out

She knew it wouldn’t last
Wishing to see her angels
She chirped with behest
To the almighty she prayed
And even as she succumbed
She heard wings flap
Her eyes now weak opened

One had come back home
In time to see her depart

“Not yet Ma not so soon
You have yet to live
Love my little ones
Spend time with them
And train them anew”

And soon there chirped
Lovely and lively babies
She smiled and pecked
As now life seemed renewed
Almighty had heard her prayer
Sent these baby angels to her
Her eyes filled with love

She gazed at her own child
An epitome of love and care
Had never forgotten her
Retained her in the heart
Her heart filled with gratitude
A silent prayer she sent
For his solace and fortitude…