The mind… a graveyard…

What is this mind and why does it have so much control over us? It is nothing but a huge collection of impressions and tendencies…

When something affects us in some way, it forms an impression and stays stored in the mind. So the mind is basically a collection of the dead past. All that is happened and over is stored in it and accumulates there. Mind is that special device which has no storage limit, it has unlimited storage.

So what’s the point in collecting all the garbage or rather dead impressions or memories? Dead means that which no longer exists, its gone! So basically the mind is a graveyard. Only the old and the dead live and make home there.

De-clutter the mind, is a common term used. How do we do that? Just like we clean up our homes and wardrobes before a festival or celebration in our home, same way we can try to remove some of the clutter from our mind. Yet its almost impossible as the storage is deep and at times unreachable.

Also, whether we wish to clean the dead impressions or feel safer keeping and gathering more is the question! We are scared to go near a graveyard or a crematorium and take bath if we visit one. What is the fear about? Are the dead going to rise? Are they going to suddenly appear in flesh and blood or in any form for that matter? They won’t and they cannot. We all know this, yet we are afraid.

Just by pouring water on the body, can we rid ourselves of the negativity we feel we brought from the area where dead are buried or burnt?

Yet with so much deadly matter in our mind, we roam around confidently. If we were asked to stay silent and not speak or interact with anyone, what would happen? The first thing would be the dead would rise from our mind. All would come to life and scare us to death!

So we are scared of being alone and seek company. We are actually not afraid of being in a graveyard. We just feel so. In reality we are afraid of our mind and its contents. So we avoid looking inside and make our self believe that we have a very clean and good mind.

This is impossible because, even if the impressions stored are good memories, they are still of the past. We all know that past is dead and so all that is stored is old and dead. Good or bad does not matter. Whether you store good or bad apples, eventually all will rot. So the rotten matter in the mind is fermenting and creates waves which influence our thoughts and actions.

It really does not matter what was stored. Everything is now rotten and smelly. The mind has no clue as it’s a storage unit. It just keeps making more space and is quite generous.

The mind has to go…as de-cluttering, cleaning and maintenance will never happen. Impressions are getting stored because we have a storage unit. If we do not have a storage unit, where will we store? How will we manage without a storage device?

Do we need the mind or not? How important is the mind? Is there a mind at all??

How important is a graveyard or a crematorium? We need it to burn or bury. Eventually nothing remains…everything is destroyed on a day to day basis. Nothing is stored long term…

Mind is non-existential. We need to understand this. It does not exist. We feel it does. The device, the storage, the space and the impressions are all fictitious. Nothing is real…

The reason it exists is because we feel it does. When the sun shines, the moon no longer is visible. It may be there in the sky and yet it just becomes invisible.

The light of knowledge, light of atman should shine bright like the sun. The light of love, peace and joy when it spreads will diffuse the mind and leave nothing behind…

When there is love, peace and joy emanating from us, what impressions will be formed and what will be stored? Nothing! We no longer need a storage device. There are no impressions…

Love peace and joy are like the sun…spreading the warmth, giving life to all and yet leaving nothing behind…destroying all the negatives with its strong rays….


Mood King…the ruler!

Very easily we say we are not in the mood to do something…we use mood as an excuse. What is this mood and who invented this word?

As a child I never remember being bored or ever saying that I am not in the mood to do certain activities. Where does this mood come from and what influences the mood? Why so much importance is given to mood and how does it get to rule our life?

Mind is full of impressions and the body has its own ups and downs depending on how we are using it. The body could be overworked, diseased etc. It is like a vehicle that needs repairs on and off. The mind has no medicine and repair work is not possible.

So the mind, using the body usually as an excuse will make us feel high or low and that is what we call as mood. Good mood is when we are feeling positive and high and bad mood is when we are feeling low and dull or negative.

Is the mind alone responsible for this mood syndrome? Is the prana or the life force energy in any way connected? What we eat, how we live and many other things influence our prana and low prana means feeling dull and lethargic. Basically its like a mobile that has less charge. Yet, does it influence the mood of a person?

Mood I feel is an over rated word and is used very loosely. It is the emotional quotient of a person and so can vary throughout the day. It would probably look like the ECG graph if monitored, or like the waves in the sea.

Mood may be connected to the moon too as the moon is connected to the mind. So MOOD MIND MOON all three are in sync. All three words surprisingly start from M, are 4 lettered and mood and moon have only one single letter difference.

Just like the Moon is taking light from the sun, the Mind is taking light from the Atman. So basically their existence is just like a reflection and though they play a very important role, they are not the permanent source of anything.
Unlike the sun that is always there all through, the moon has its variations in size and shape. That is how probably it influences the mind and thereby the mood. The moon also influences the sea and so the high and low tides. This again is like our moods, high and low!

So when we feel our mood is missing or we are not in good mood, we can blame the moon! The mind which does not have a mind of its own!!

Why allow all these factors to influence life? Life is to live as I mentioned in my previous post…So why cannot we just live totally…

A highly spirited person who lives life totally is alive…the rest are dead or on the verge of death…

What it takes to be alive? Simple changes in our thought process can bring the mind in our control…

The very understanding that life is for living and living is not just taking life for granted or doing all duties and chores like a machine…a full charged battery output is what we need to maintain…

HOW? Shun the mind…do not listen to it! The variations will happen, watch them! Moon or no moon, will affect the tide in the ocean and probably try to influence our mind. Our mind is just influenced, why do we get influenced by our mind? Let the mind and moon play all the games, we can still keep the mood in our control. Nothing and nobody should be able to affect our mood…

For that we can also stop using the word mood so often. We are giving way too much importance to the mood and the mind. We are much higher and much beyond the mind. Lets explore who we are as surely we are not the mind.

There is much to do in life, much to experience and living totally should be natural…

So drop the moods, the mind and the moon…lets be the sun, bright, shiny and spread the light of love all around us…

Spirituality – A time pass?

Spirituality, the word itself has become like a fashion statement nowadays.

People who have just discovered some traces of their spiritual self through some organization or some books/discourses find themselves a notch higher than the others who are yet to tread the path!

Surprisingly the other day when Sooriya and I were discussing, he said that people think there are two – worldly path and spiritual path. But actually there is nothing called worldly path. We are spiritual beings and that’s about it!

“I am a decent person, I do not visit bars and clubs, avoid movies and malls and choose to spend time at places where pujas, bhajans, discourses etc are happening. I take care of my health by doing yoga and pranayama.”

Actually there is no choice or comparison of a club or a bar with discourses/bhajans. A seeker would by default end up at a discourse.
Why yoga and pranayama? To safeguard health? What about spiritual seeking?
Where did we lose that?

A little bit of wisdom is enough to know that yoga, pranayama is so that the body can be prepared for further experience…health is the by product!

Thereby spirituality has become a time pass. Where does one spend his time?

After getting back from work or after finishing the chores in the house, man or woman find themselves at loose ends. Time is there…but what to do??

So satsang, kirtans etc are a good way to spend that extra time. This is because we all feel we have time to spend!

Every moment is passing…moment to moment…we are engrossed in thousands of activities which we feel is of the world…losing our spiritual self…losing our knowledge our wisdom…

We fail to witness, we fail to observe…we become the doers!!

“I have read the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, scriptures, listened to discourses and know something now!”

This is the biggest misconception…

If one has retained the knowledge then, he is a knowledgeable person but if one is walking the talk…he is walking the path in knowingness…

Everyone is walking on the path…yet is there a path? Where is the path, where are the different routes leading to that one destination? Is there a destination?

When and how did we move away from the self? Where did we lose ourselves? Did we or did we not?

Questions one needs to ponder on…

All actions pertaining to the body, family, society, world will happen…

Where am “I” in that? Am I there in that? THINK!!

Let us rise above this duality…

Where we think that one side the world is there and one side there is spirituality…there we have failed miserably…

Where we think I am different than others, superior or inferior depicts a super EGO

Every moment this body is dying! As we near the death of the body, we still feel we have time and think of ways to spend the time…

Time is what we do not have…when the clock will stop we do not know! Yet we keep getting deeper into the trap thinking we have super never dying batteries in the clock!

Where is the seeker? We have very rare few seekers…all are just working on spending their time in the best way possible. The best way nowadays being spirituality!

Getting into activities promoting satsangs, discourses etc. boosts the ego and one feels that one is doing something of prime importance. Yet, where is the seeker?

Is any of us actually a seeker? A true seeker who wants to know who he is…
Or is spirituality one of the options of passing our time effectively? A time pass…??

Love & music

As the words were flowing
and the tunes playing
My eyes shut naturally
lost in a trance I was
unable to fathom my emotions
What was happening to me?
Something within me stirring
every cell and atom dancing
waves of emotions bubbling
A stillness so intoxicating
It was entirely fulfilling
the love flowing like a river
a bond it was creating
the singer, the listener no longer existing
Love was the one binding
into one beautiful form it was merging
all hearts together…the love expanding
love…was all there was, reaffirming
the one divine love….sublime…engulfing…