Woman Power!

We keep hearing that women need to be empowered and a lot of women are suffering and need help and so on…

From a particular angle this is true and yet only a small switch has to be made instead of huge slogans and programs.

In the name of empowerment women are trying to do things that men are doing. They can surely do it! But whats the whole point? There is nothing to prove and nothing that she needs to do in order to prove her importance! She is all powerful just like that!

From our scriptures and many age old epics we know that woman was referred to as Shakti. Shakti is strength and the name itself reflects power.

Now most of us know that the atman or soul is not male or female. It is just pure and existential.

So the gender is all about the body that the soul adorns. So the entire power, empower etc is something to do with the physicality of a human.

Why are we giving so much importance to the gender and not just looking at people as humans? How can gender decide how powerful or intelligent or whatever each human is?



All born with a female body must be absolutely proud and feel worthy of having been blessed with it. It is one of the most miraculous phenomena because she is born to bring life on earth!

A woman has the choice to bring life on earth! Does she need empowerment? For what? Isn’t she already Shakti?

Somewhere somehow things got misinterpreted and women started feeling powerless.

It is absolutely ridiculous because its like “Strength is feeling weak”

She is existence, she is prakriti/nature, she is the entirety…
She represents life…She just needs to remember this!

Life is impossible without her…she is the life in all…she brings life…she is the creation!



Can we imagine human kind without a woman?

Every birth that has taken place is out of a woman’s body! Man is born out of a woman…

A Female ….A Woman…She… all words have the word ‘man’ ‘male’ ‘he’in it! She is complete!

Why does she need empowerment? She is already powerful! She is the power personified…

She is the warmth, care, love, gentleness in the home…she makes a house into a home…



She is the one who brings life, nurtures the life and makes life possible!Is this not enough reason for her to feel empowered? I wonder why we need to get into gender equality!

How can a woman be equal to a man? It is impossible and absolutely unnecessary. If she becomes like a man, what will happen to the warmth and gentleness and beauty?

A woman need not give birth and bring life in order to be a mother. A female by birth has all the qualities already imbibed in her. She is a mother by her very nature…

Come on, let us just respect life, love life and also all the feminine out there who make life possible on this earth!She needs no empowerment!




“Human Power” sounds good! We can all get together and empower each other instead of focusing on gender and trying to empower women thinking they are the weaker gender!


How Oh How …Ma…


Her eyes glistening with unshed tears
Strands of hair caressing her divine face
Lips quivering with words unspoken
Her angelic demeanor so mesmerizing

No words came to me as I knew none
I just stared at her feeling her pain
She turned her face and tears fell
On my face like warm drops of rain

I was there… I wished to convey
With my palms I caressed her cheek
So soft to touch…damp with tears
An ache I felt deep inside my heart

How Oh how could I tell her
That I was with her forever and ever
To protect her…to love her…
On her side alongside… always… forever

With tearful eyes she looked at me
Fear and insecurity I saw in them
And yet I saw love so deep and profound
My angel my goddess my entire world

How Oh How could I bring a smile
On her divine angelic face
Her lips parted and she uttered a sigh
I cuddled closer to her desiring solace

She hugged me closer to her bosom
I could hear her heart beating
I tucked my face feeling the warmth
Her tears now fell on my cheeks

How Oh How could I assure her
Never will I leave your side
I snuggled deeper into her bosom
My lips touching her soft skin

She bent her head and engulfed me
With her lips she kissed my forehead
Her face touching mine now wet with tears
In her embrace I sensed immense love

How Oh How could I take away her fear
Her pain wrenched through my heart
I could hear the sound of her tears
With innocent eyes I stared into her eyes

She held me closer to herself
My cheek resting on her cheek
A part of her I was I knew
Not separate from her I knew

Just born in this world of people
I belonged only to my mother
As my eyes drooped with sleep
I snuggled closer…nose touching her neck

With tiny hands I held her close
No words could I utter I just gurgled
She hugged me tightly held me closer
I just knew that I would be there for her
Forever and ever and ever….

The Divine Mother

Who is the Divine Mother?

One who is…Anandmayi…karunamayi…premamayi…

One who is full of bliss, love and compassion…

In sansaar, a woman gives birth and by default becomes a mother to her children. Yet many a times she remains a biological mother alone. She does her duties of upbringing her children and till her last breath (in many cases ) keeps doing a lot of things for her children. Does all this make her a mother? The divine mother?

When I close my eyes and say “MA” the divine light of a divine woman who cannot ever hurt me or make me cry is visible. She is ready to fight for me, protect me, guard me…She loves me, cares for me and she has so much compassion and also she is so full of joy…

How can this mother be there in true form amongst us?

Why then are we living our life with so many expectations from our mother? She is the one who we are tied with due to karma and so were born of her in this body. Whatever karmic accounts need to be settled with her will come up in the course of this life and we just need to go on accepting or fulfilling those, not getting fanatic or emotional about the person. We must have gratitude to her for loaning her womb for us to take this human form.

In actuality we never died and were never born! We were always here…

The Divine Mother (Shakti) was always there and will always be there. She is within us waiting to be called.

We spend our entire life span hoping, expecting and wanting the divine qualities from our biological mother. It is not possible…

Unconditional love is rare. One who is self realised and knows, one who has awakened the mother within will love everyone unconditionally.

Here again I would mention that the gender does not play a role at all. The Shakti has to be awakened and that is it…period.

Having taken the body of a male or a female has nothing to do with the qualities of a mother. One who is a male in this life and has awakened the shakti (mother) will have compassion, love and joy for all around him.

Because a woman takes the effort of bearing a child in her womb for 9 months and then bears the pain of delivery of the child, she was accorded the highest role of a mother. This does not automatically or by default bring out the inner Shakti within her and so she remains a biological mother doing her duties righteously thinking all the while that she is the “Mother”.

She was the medium to have brought forth a life form. The Scriptures says that a mother who gives birth is always connected to the child in an etheric bond. It is true but the bond is lost in the games of sansaar and the ahamkar takes supreme and the divinity of being a mother is completely lost.
“I gave birth, I brought you up, I fed you, I took care of you, I taught you lessons, I , I , I….”

Can a “Mother” every feel or say that? It is not possible.

All the above terminologies exist only in the karmic accounts. The pure love and divinity is experienced when the divinity within us awakens. We receive it from the Masters as they have awakened the Shakti within them. How else could so much unconditional love flow from them?

The whole purpose of expressing on “Mother” is because if we speak on the general level, we all have a mother. She is the one who gave birth to us.
Depending on the karmic give and take, relationship developed. Yet either we got too attached to our mother or expected a lot from her or something or the other, again depending on our karmic requirements. This might have given us temporary happiness, sorrow etc. If at all these times we were in remembrance that the mother from whom we are associating so much is just as temporary as we ourselves then we would have been saved from a lot of turmoil.

This body is temporary – so all relationships (even that of a mother) is temporary. So in this temporary body, with temporary relationships in this temporary world that we have made around us, why do we need to feel that hurt and emotions are permanent? How can anything hurt or anyone hurt something that is temporary?

Never take the hurt within, never take the emotion too deep, coz there hidden within each one of us is our true Mother awaiting for our call “Ma, please come, Ma please awaken, Ma please be there for me, Ma, help me guide me and love me forever…”

Where are we lost? In this temporary world which can just disappear any moment? In the temporary relationships that never last forever?

Instead let us get deeply lost within our self and become the small child who is calling out to his mother with all his heart and emotion. A child who is truly looking for his lost mother is seeking her in desperation.

Call out to her, call out to the “Mother”- she is right there within…waiting…with abundance of love and compassion.

MA – JAAGO MA – Please listen, please hear my call and come to me…


Haven’t we all heard of coincidences? It is strange that at times we feel something and that very thing just happens. The other day I picked up the phone to call my brother and at the same time he too was trying to call me. It was only when I disconnected that his call came through. We both were trying to reach each other at the same moment. This has happened many a times……

At times when I feel like having a heart to heart talk to my mother and I log on to chat with her, I find out that she had logged in too at the same time to talk to me. These are the coincidences in life which never fail to amaze me…..

So when I ponder over this I feel that when we are emotionally close to a person we are connected to that person. The physical distance between two people who are connected doesn’t matter. There is a particular energy which is like a tug or a pull which is always lying hidden in special relationships. The person is always there in our thoughts and in the back of our mind. There is a special link….

Life itself is a whole set of coincidences. Small things like wishing to watch a movie and when you switch on the television you find the same movie being aired. You feel like eating something and reach home to find that mom has already made it for you.

At times coincidences could leave us sad…… But there will be innumerable small coincidences which always make us happy. We need to savour those and feel good about life….

I am sure each one of us must be facing such situations and wondering whether it was just a coincidence….

It is not always just a coincidence is what I feel. It is much more. It is that special link which draws us to do a thing or feel something, or makes things happen…..

So instead of going deeper into this topic, I believe I would love to just leave this here and leave all of you wondering about the coincidences in your life…