Woman’s liberation


We always feel that liberation is impossible and that when the body leaves us, all that the body possessed is lost and we may feel a sense of liberation.
But that is not true, because when the body is no longer ours and it just drops, by default we are left with nothing but some memories. It is not out of choice, but out of fate.

Most women in our country experience a sense of liberation when they are alive. They give up their entire life for their family and all through the years, though they may get a few clothes and jewelry, they usually do not own anything else.

They live their lives in sewa and until their last breath are only giving whatever they can. They have nothing to call their own. A mother who spends her entire youth and middle years raising her child is finally left with nothing. Generally with failing health and no one to take care of her, she just lives her remaining life liberated. Everything she feels was hers is no longer with her.

Usually left with no money and no health and most assuredly no major bank balance or property in her name, she is a liberated soul. Kids would have flown the nest and she would probably be left with a husband who just wishes her to continue doing the chores of the house till her last breath.

Her entire life she spent in serving and taking care of others. What she got in return was probably a few words of appreciation accompanied by some anger, bitterness etc. This she would obviously disregard and continue with her services.

If she wishes to fly away at any point of time from her service, she would not be allowed to do so, due to social restrictions and also financial constraints. Busy serving her family, she never bothered to accumulate any wealth for herself for her future.

She is left with nothing to call her own. All she would have, once her children have left her is a dependent husband to serve. It would be a bit late at that age to go out and earn a living. If she wishes to do something on her own, her husband may not support her and so finally she is forced to stay with him and serve him until her death.

If she had invested those 20 or 30 years for herself, she would have been independent and take her own decisions and live as per her wish. But would she feel liberated?


A woman who has given her life for her family and in return has nothing of her own except her own body would have felt liberated several times in her life. Though she does not have the freedom of choice she is free.

Free of the constraints that accumulated money brings. Free of her children who decide that they need their privacy, free of everyone and everything. She owns nothing, absolutely nothing at all. She does not have to write a will or sign any cheques…

She looks to be bound, by her spouse who needs her now. But she cannot belong to him. A man who only used her all his life and still wishes to, a man who never allowed her to blossom or find her path, a man who stifled her so that he could feel superior…

She is free of that man…had he loved her, cared for her, given his entire earnings to her, given a home for her and treated her like a queen, she would be bound…she would then have been attached to all the wealth that he gave her, attached to the love and care and bound by the home that was given to her…

She has nothing and no one to lose. She was alone and would be alone…in loneliness one finds a lot of answers. When no one is hers, nothing belongs to her then what was there to be liberated of?


A body is all that belongs to her…and the clear knowledge that it can just drop anytime becomes clear. There is no sorrow as there is nothing to lose.
Why would she need to read the Gita and other scriptures and try to understand liberation?

All she needed to do was, quit her job ( in case she was employed ), care for the family for the whole life and gather nothing in her name. Then except the body there was nothing left to leave…

She was free because she had nothing that she could say she owned. Absolutely nothing!



The mind… a graveyard…

What is this mind and why does it have so much control over us? It is nothing but a huge collection of impressions and tendencies…

When something affects us in some way, it forms an impression and stays stored in the mind. So the mind is basically a collection of the dead past. All that is happened and over is stored in it and accumulates there. Mind is that special device which has no storage limit, it has unlimited storage.

So what’s the point in collecting all the garbage or rather dead impressions or memories? Dead means that which no longer exists, its gone! So basically the mind is a graveyard. Only the old and the dead live and make home there.

De-clutter the mind, is a common term used. How do we do that? Just like we clean up our homes and wardrobes before a festival or celebration in our home, same way we can try to remove some of the clutter from our mind. Yet its almost impossible as the storage is deep and at times unreachable.

Also, whether we wish to clean the dead impressions or feel safer keeping and gathering more is the question! We are scared to go near a graveyard or a crematorium and take bath if we visit one. What is the fear about? Are the dead going to rise? Are they going to suddenly appear in flesh and blood or in any form for that matter? They won’t and they cannot. We all know this, yet we are afraid.

Just by pouring water on the body, can we rid ourselves of the negativity we feel we brought from the area where dead are buried or burnt?

Yet with so much deadly matter in our mind, we roam around confidently. If we were asked to stay silent and not speak or interact with anyone, what would happen? The first thing would be the dead would rise from our mind. All would come to life and scare us to death!

So we are scared of being alone and seek company. We are actually not afraid of being in a graveyard. We just feel so. In reality we are afraid of our mind and its contents. So we avoid looking inside and make our self believe that we have a very clean and good mind.

This is impossible because, even if the impressions stored are good memories, they are still of the past. We all know that past is dead and so all that is stored is old and dead. Good or bad does not matter. Whether you store good or bad apples, eventually all will rot. So the rotten matter in the mind is fermenting and creates waves which influence our thoughts and actions.

It really does not matter what was stored. Everything is now rotten and smelly. The mind has no clue as it’s a storage unit. It just keeps making more space and is quite generous.

The mind has to go…as de-cluttering, cleaning and maintenance will never happen. Impressions are getting stored because we have a storage unit. If we do not have a storage unit, where will we store? How will we manage without a storage device?

Do we need the mind or not? How important is the mind? Is there a mind at all??

How important is a graveyard or a crematorium? We need it to burn or bury. Eventually nothing remains…everything is destroyed on a day to day basis. Nothing is stored long term…

Mind is non-existential. We need to understand this. It does not exist. We feel it does. The device, the storage, the space and the impressions are all fictitious. Nothing is real…

The reason it exists is because we feel it does. When the sun shines, the moon no longer is visible. It may be there in the sky and yet it just becomes invisible.

The light of knowledge, light of atman should shine bright like the sun. The light of love, peace and joy when it spreads will diffuse the mind and leave nothing behind…

When there is love, peace and joy emanating from us, what impressions will be formed and what will be stored? Nothing! We no longer need a storage device. There are no impressions…

Love peace and joy are like the sun…spreading the warmth, giving life to all and yet leaving nothing behind…destroying all the negatives with its strong rays….

Slave of the mind

Why do we say we are not in the mood and when someone asks us to do something where there is no payback??

I will make the point clear. Now suppose your boss tells you to do some extra work can you just say that you are not in the mood. Whether mood or no mood don’t we finish our daily ablutions? Don’t we take our meals?

We do most of our chores whether we have the mood or not. Yet when it comes to something where we need to take an extra step we analyse our mood and mind. Our entire life we spend in doing a lot of work/duties irrespective of our moods.
Is it not time to observe our self? Is not time to check when we say ‘ I am not in a good mood’, do we still do the work awaited or requested? When do we do it and when do we not?

If the boss gets angry our job is at stake, finances are at stake. So at such times, moods do not matter. They lose their importance.

But if your child or wife asks you to take them out for shopping, your mood will suddenly become important.
What will happen if a mother says she is not in the mood to breast feed her new born baby?
When we have a choice we use our mood and decide whether to do something or not. When the worldly issues weigh heavily over us, we forget about our mood.
To meditate we need mood! To go for our daily walk, exercise, gym etc we need mood. There are hundreds of examples…

Just think how we are living our lives. Let us rise above the animal mentality and rise to become humans.

We do have an intellect and the required intelligence to understand that life is not just doing our duties and dying. There is surely something more to life…Are we even living it? Or are we just progressing towards the day when the body will be lit up on the pyre or buried?

Is this why we got this body? Are we any better than a machine or a car? There is a lot to think about and a lot of changes are necessary.

To break the conditioning and to break the bonds…to be free from the cage of the mind and fly in the open sky…

The clear blue sky…white clouds floating, the warmth of the sun, the cool breeze…is it not beckoning us?

Why then are we glued to our mind and its variations, the moods and the impressions? Where is the mind? Who is the ruler? The mind or me?

For lives and lives, ages… we have been a slave to our mind. We still are…Are we really enjoying the prison sentence so much? Is the jail comfortable and convenient and secure?

So much so that we just hold on tightly and are afraid to fly in the open sky…to disregard the moods of the mind and just take off and flap our wings to float higher…in the vast expanse of the sky…are we afraid of being lost there, of being lonely?

Work on being free minded, as this will help us help others freely. We need to be like the floating cloud that showers on all. Love and care, peace and joy is our very nature. No mood or no mind can change our basic nature.

Though the dark clouds do try to cover the sun and its light, they fail miserably. The sun shines through…bright as ever…

What my dear is love?

What my dear is love
Is it the meeting of hearts?
Is it the gelling of minds?
Is it the mating of bodies?
What my dear is love?

Love is all about space
Love is all about faith
Its all about having trust
And a whole lot of patience

Love is eternal and forever
It’s a feeling an emotion
And yet unbinding and free
Unexplored yet so known

Love invokes joy and bliss
It surrounds and supports
Love moves the world
Unifies and unites into one

Love is pure acceptance
Its also about tolerance
A deep feeling of connecting
Also its about rejoicing

Love is about freedom
being unshackled unbound
To explore to express
to be natural and oneself

Its not about bondage
Its not about possession
Its not about control
Its not about command

Love is pure sunshine
The light of the moon
The twinkle in the stars
The caress of the breeze

Entwining with nature
Mating with the divine
A meeting a union
So divine so sublime…

Where Oh Where…

My eyes searched for my beloved
My heart longed for a glimpse
Where Oh where was my love
I cried tears flowing down my cheek
A deep longing wrenched my heart
A wee glimpse was all I sought
Where Oh where was my love
I felt an ache deep in my heart
Will I ever meet my beloved?
Doubts and fears arose anew
Where Oh where was my love
I succumbed on the floor fearful
Where to look for my beloved
I needed and desired just a glimpse
Where Oh where was my love
I then heard a voice from within
Right here right now am here
Within you with you forever
Where are you searching my dear
Am not separate…but a part of you
I cried with tears of relief
My eyes glued to my beloved
Never will I lose sight ever
Will hold close to me forever
I felt waves of bliss and delight
Joy and laughter shone in my eyes
Never was I away from my beloved
I danced with a spring in my step
The mating and meeting so divine
I lost myself…now complete and sublime
One mind one heart one love
There never was any two
It had always been just one
Two hearts now beating as one
Everything merged into one
Feeling Love bliss joy peace alone…

How Oh How …Ma…


Her eyes glistening with unshed tears
Strands of hair caressing her divine face
Lips quivering with words unspoken
Her angelic demeanor so mesmerizing

No words came to me as I knew none
I just stared at her feeling her pain
She turned her face and tears fell
On my face like warm drops of rain

I was there… I wished to convey
With my palms I caressed her cheek
So soft to touch…damp with tears
An ache I felt deep inside my heart

How Oh how could I tell her
That I was with her forever and ever
To protect her…to love her…
On her side alongside… always… forever

With tearful eyes she looked at me
Fear and insecurity I saw in them
And yet I saw love so deep and profound
My angel my goddess my entire world

How Oh How could I bring a smile
On her divine angelic face
Her lips parted and she uttered a sigh
I cuddled closer to her desiring solace

She hugged me closer to her bosom
I could hear her heart beating
I tucked my face feeling the warmth
Her tears now fell on my cheeks

How Oh How could I assure her
Never will I leave your side
I snuggled deeper into her bosom
My lips touching her soft skin

She bent her head and engulfed me
With her lips she kissed my forehead
Her face touching mine now wet with tears
In her embrace I sensed immense love

How Oh How could I take away her fear
Her pain wrenched through my heart
I could hear the sound of her tears
With innocent eyes I stared into her eyes

She held me closer to herself
My cheek resting on her cheek
A part of her I was I knew
Not separate from her I knew

Just born in this world of people
I belonged only to my mother
As my eyes drooped with sleep
I snuggled closer…nose touching her neck

With tiny hands I held her close
No words could I utter I just gurgled
She hugged me tightly held me closer
I just knew that I would be there for her
Forever and ever and ever….

Love & music

As the words were flowing
and the tunes playing
My eyes shut naturally
lost in a trance I was
unable to fathom my emotions
What was happening to me?
Something within me stirring
every cell and atom dancing
waves of emotions bubbling
A stillness so intoxicating
It was entirely fulfilling
the love flowing like a river
a bond it was creating
the singer, the listener no longer existing
Love was the one binding
into one beautiful form it was merging
all hearts together…the love expanding
love…was all there was, reaffirming
the one divine love….sublime…engulfing…