What my dear is love?

What my dear is love
Is it the meeting of hearts?
Is it the gelling of minds?
Is it the mating of bodies?
What my dear is love?

Love is all about space
Love is all about faith
Its all about having trust
And a whole lot of patience

Love is eternal and forever
It’s a feeling an emotion
And yet unbinding and free
Unexplored yet so known

Love invokes joy and bliss
It surrounds and supports
Love moves the world
Unifies and unites into one

Love is pure acceptance
Its also about tolerance
A deep feeling of connecting
Also its about rejoicing

Love is about freedom
being unshackled unbound
To explore to express
to be natural and oneself

Its not about bondage
Its not about possession
Its not about control
Its not about command

Love is pure sunshine
The light of the moon
The twinkle in the stars
The caress of the breeze

Entwining with nature
Mating with the divine
A meeting a union
So divine so sublime…


Where Oh Where…

My eyes searched for my beloved
My heart longed for a glimpse
Where Oh where was my love
I cried tears flowing down my cheek
A deep longing wrenched my heart
A wee glimpse was all I sought
Where Oh where was my love
I felt an ache deep in my heart
Will I ever meet my beloved?
Doubts and fears arose anew
Where Oh where was my love
I succumbed on the floor fearful
Where to look for my beloved
I needed and desired just a glimpse
Where Oh where was my love
I then heard a voice from within
Right here right now am here
Within you with you forever
Where are you searching my dear
Am not separate…but a part of you
I cried with tears of relief
My eyes glued to my beloved
Never will I lose sight ever
Will hold close to me forever
I felt waves of bliss and delight
Joy and laughter shone in my eyes
Never was I away from my beloved
I danced with a spring in my step
The mating and meeting so divine
I lost myself…now complete and sublime
One mind one heart one love
There never was any two
It had always been just one
Two hearts now beating as one
Everything merged into one
Feeling Love bliss joy peace alone…

How Oh How …Ma…


Her eyes glistening with unshed tears
Strands of hair caressing her divine face
Lips quivering with words unspoken
Her angelic demeanor so mesmerizing

No words came to me as I knew none
I just stared at her feeling her pain
She turned her face and tears fell
On my face like warm drops of rain

I was there… I wished to convey
With my palms I caressed her cheek
So soft to touch…damp with tears
An ache I felt deep inside my heart

How Oh how could I tell her
That I was with her forever and ever
To protect her…to love her…
On her side alongside… always… forever

With tearful eyes she looked at me
Fear and insecurity I saw in them
And yet I saw love so deep and profound
My angel my goddess my entire world

How Oh How could I bring a smile
On her divine angelic face
Her lips parted and she uttered a sigh
I cuddled closer to her desiring solace

She hugged me closer to her bosom
I could hear her heart beating
I tucked my face feeling the warmth
Her tears now fell on my cheeks

How Oh How could I assure her
Never will I leave your side
I snuggled deeper into her bosom
My lips touching her soft skin

She bent her head and engulfed me
With her lips she kissed my forehead
Her face touching mine now wet with tears
In her embrace I sensed immense love

How Oh How could I take away her fear
Her pain wrenched through my heart
I could hear the sound of her tears
With innocent eyes I stared into her eyes

She held me closer to herself
My cheek resting on her cheek
A part of her I was I knew
Not separate from her I knew

Just born in this world of people
I belonged only to my mother
As my eyes drooped with sleep
I snuggled closer…nose touching her neck

With tiny hands I held her close
No words could I utter I just gurgled
She hugged me tightly held me closer
I just knew that I would be there for her
Forever and ever and ever….

Love & music

As the words were flowing
and the tunes playing
My eyes shut naturally
lost in a trance I was
unable to fathom my emotions
What was happening to me?
Something within me stirring
every cell and atom dancing
waves of emotions bubbling
A stillness so intoxicating
It was entirely fulfilling
the love flowing like a river
a bond it was creating
the singer, the listener no longer existing
Love was the one binding
into one beautiful form it was merging
all hearts together…the love expanding
love…was all there was, reaffirming
the one divine love….sublime…engulfing…









You cannot possess what you love and if you love you cannot possess it!

How is that even valid? Of course I love myself, my people and my possessions. Why would I otherwise be attached to them? Its only when we love someone that we are attached to them.

Is it so? Does loving someone mean being attached to them? Love is possible only in detachment.

That is not possible at all. When I am detached how can I love? Now suppose there is a man walking on the street, who I  hardly know. Can I love him? NO, its not possible. Only to those who I love, I am attached.

You are confusing detachment with indifference. You are indifferent to that man, you are not detached. What you feel is attachment and the fact that it happens with love is nothing but bondage. You have very carefully woven ropes of attachment around you in the name of love. 

How can love be bondage? How can attachment be bondage?  I am so attached to some people and I love them so much! How can that be like a rope tied around me? I love them, I love the attachment. They are so much mine!

Yet, they bring tears to your eyes! Yet you feel hurt at times by their words. Yet you expect them to be in a certain way, you expect something or the other from them. How can anyone you love bring sorrow to you?

Well that is my fault too. My expectations bring sorrow. I need to learn to accept them the way they are. That way there will be no expectations and therefore no sorrow. But it is really difficult. Naturally when we associate so closely to someone, or if someone is your blood relation, expectations will be there. To unconditionally accept someone is not easy, though that seems to the best way to avoid sorrow.

What if that someone ignores you, or hurts you with strong words? Will you still accept the person as he is? Will you not feel hurt? Just by saying we must accept, we cannot accept. You have to love a person, in order to accept them the way they are.

Well of course, love is the reason why we would even think of accepting another person. Yet it is difficult. Why is this so? There should be no conditions in love and yet we have so many conditions. I am confused.

That is because you are not yet aware of love. What you feel is love, is only an illusion. By birth you are related to some people like your parents and siblings etc. Then by choice you are related to your spouse and then again kids are born and the cycle continues. Then you have friends, your possessions, your status and so on. You think that what you feel for all is love. It is not. It is just possession, possessiveness and attachment which comes due to ownership. You feel you are related, you feel you are the owner, you feel you possess certain things, so all that is yours, you feel you love them.

Yes, whatever and whoever is mine, I love them. That is true. I love myself, my body also, as it is mine. All that is associated with this body, my possessions, my relations…I love them too. So well because they are mine, love is natural is it not?

Is it so??? Does being born in a family blossom love for the family members by default? Does marrying someone bring emotions of love for that one? Does bearing kids, bring love automatically? Just having this body as yours, bring love for it? Is this  love? Just having something or someone is love? 

Yes, it is. Whatever I feel is mine, brings the emotion of love for them.

Love is a pure emotion…Love is absolutely pure.

I agree. My love is pure…

How can a pure emotion…a true emotion…bring sorrow??? Think about this and we will meet very soon…


Its all a dream!

Its all a dream!!

Even this body, these relatives, my family…??

Yes, its just a dream…a long dream we need to wake up from!

So what about the dreams at night when we are asleep? They are dreams…this life that we are leading and living is real,is it not???

So what happens when death happens? where does this life then go? where do all the relations, this body and everything that you feel you possess go?

Well as I have this life, I am leading a life, I love all my near and dear ones, I love my body and all the material possessions I have, my house, my car and so on…When death happens it just remains, while the body is cremated.

Once the body is dissolved in the five elements after cremation, who remains? Who remains to say that my family is mine, my car, my house etc. 

Well the family continues to live on I move on to take another birth probably…that’s what happens is it not?

So when you take another birth, do you remember your family, your possessions? Do you still love them? Do you miss them? Or do you just have a new family and new attachments…very casually…as though the others that were previously so dear to you do not even exist!

Yes, I actually do forget everyone…I have no clue of what went on in my previous birth, who I was, what I had accumulated and who I was close to…When again this body dies, I will disconnect from all that I feel I cannot live without…

True! So even while you have this body and this knowledge, you must learn to detach from everyone and everything…detachment is freedom…which is freedom from attachment…as attachment is bondage…

But it is so difficult. I love my family members, my relatives and my close ones. I love some of my possessions, my house. I love this body of mine and my status in society. I love my life…what should I do? How I can I not love and just leave?

Who said detaching is leaving? Also if you say you love then it means you have misunderstood love. You cannot love someone who you are attached to. You can only possess that or them. Possession leads to possessiveness and attachment and brings duality of happiness and sadness. Love does not exist in this case. You cannot love what you possess and you cannot possess what you love…Understand this well and we will meet again very soon!


Generally when we listen to pravachans we hear “sam bhaav” “equanimity” and it creates dreadful images of a still sea, no waves, boredom and a flat emotionless existence.

Looks like I went overboard with so much description!!

Yet, I feel that any person who is much caught up in the worldly pleasures would fear the mere idea of a simple stable life.

The first thought that comes is “What about excitement? No thrill? No ups and downs? So boring!”

With my personal experience of being very much into the worldly life and the spiritual world, I would state with conviction that the excitement one feels in spirituality cannot be compared to any excitement or thrill that one feels in the world outside.

Also its permanent!

Emotions remain as sympathy changes to empathy. If one has not yet started the journey on the spiritual path, empathy is just a word and one can never feel it.

Now spiritual journey does not mean attending satsangs or doing some courses or finding a Guru.

All these are the tools to move faster on the journey. The journey is possible only and only with self effort.

However much a Guru or any courses that enhance the spiritual journey will work on us, unless we feel we want to walk the path, no one can lead us on it!

So the message comes from within. And until then there are more than a 1000 excuses why one does not want to walk on the path yet.

The fear of losing the worldly fun and pleasures being foremost. Believe me nothing is lost. The nectar of wisdom and the gyaan that once starts flowing within cannot match up with anything that the outside world has to offer.

Until then, surely it’s a tough journey. WE know about the nectar but haven’t tasted it and though it is tempting it is not visible whereas the world and its sweet temptations are much alluring to our 5 senses.

Gyaan amrit is the word used. Why? Because it truly is the nectar. If one tastes it even a little bit, there is no way one can then ever feel tempted or pulled to the sweet happenings in the illusionary world.

The passion about everything in the world outside only increases and yet the innermost, the self is stable. Emotions rise and fall, tears and laughter happen in waves and yet the self remains still.

It is only when the water in the lake is still that one can see the depth and all that lies there…

Spirituality is not losing your passionate and emotional nature. In fact walking on the spiritual path is possible for the emotional humans who are passionate about life.

The ones who are stark, practical and fixed traverse the path much later…

It is the innocent, the accepting, the loving and the highly emotional and passionate beings who begin their journey early and move ahead at a faster pace.

And once the nectar is tasted, then love just flows…

Even as the practical humans keep questioning as to what the need is to walk on the spiritual path and where it ends anyway, the ones who have the emotion of surrender will attain self-realisation!

Equanimity is about remaining stable in all situations and not creating the waves of unstable emotions.

It does not mean that one becomes boring or hard hearted human who has no emotions.

It just means that the person has understood the illusionary nature of the world and knows the difference between the real and the unreal.

The smile within is fixed permanently and there is no fear…

It does not mean that there would be no excitement, no fun, no laughter…

It would mean excitement, fun, laughter, joy with full awareness…100%

With no fear that the wave will go down and merge with the sea now…

No fear of rising or falling…with ‘sama bhava’ with ‘equanimity’ that what goes up will come down and though I will rise up and down as the waves happen, my emotions varying on the external level, the wisdom that the ‘self’ remains unaffected all throughout keeps me stable.

The right combination has to be achieved. Even as one sings with emotion, dances with excitement, cries tears of joy, the self watches the drama unveil…

The observer is the one who is stable…the rest of the action continues…

Once one understands who this observer is the entire play takes a completely different turn…

And that’s spirituality in its entirety…