Waves of emotions

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Why the waves rise only to fall

They fall then rise to a wave

Did the same wave rise and fall

Or each time was it a new wave?


Just like our emotions that waver

The waves rise and fall asunder

They dance hither tither unaware

In our mind creating a flutter…


Chapter 1 Verse 16-20

Chapter 1 verse 16-18

Yudhishthira blew his conch named Anantavijaya and Nakula and Sahadeva blew Sughosha and Manipushpaka.

The rest of the army also blew their respective conch shells.
Sanjaya informs Dhritarastra very tactfully that his unwise policy of deceiving the sons of Pandu and endeavoring to enthrone his own sons was not very laudable.

Blowing of the conch shells also indicates the strength of the particular army and it was also used to create fear in the opposing army.

Verse 19

The vibrations shattered the hearts of the Kauravas whereas the confidence on Lord Krishna by the Pandavas was visible in the sound vibrations. It shows that the one who takes shelter with the divine need never fear even on a battlefield.

Kauravas were disheartened.

Verse 20

Arjuna seated in the chariot with a flag marked with Hanuman took up his bow and prepared to shoot the arrows and saw the Kauravas all prepared to fight on the other side.

As Arjuna had taken shelter with the divine form of Krishna, Hanuman was bound to be there to protect him. Wherever Rama is present, Hanuman is sure to be there. Here Krishna just like Rama is Vishnu Avatar.Arjuna had no need to fear as He was well protected. All good counsel was present for Arjuna.

All the above verses from 16 to 20 show that taking support of divinity evokes immense confidence in us. The message instilled in this for us is to pray.

Prayers have strength and they make us strong to face the circumstances.

When we pray we fold our hands in front of the divine and seek help. The folded hands and bowed head hint on a humble soul- one who has surrendered his pride and is requesting.

This emotion must be present when we pray and the prayer must not be merely a physical action.

The request and plea must flow from the heart with emotion. This vibration when it reaches the universal consciousness makes a shift wherein though the scene may or may not change, a guidance happens.

Heat of Anger

It is hot now in Dubai. The outside temperature is rising with no respite. Oh! I have to wait until October to enjoy the cool breeze…

The heat always reminds me of hot tempers. We all get angry. Don’t we? For some, I would say anger is on the tip of their nose. Like a red spot. Imagine a volcano. Nice cone shaped and sober. And then suddenly it erupts. Molten lava flowing out….

Anger is a common trait in all of us. Most of us burst out just like a firecracker. Only thing is our anger lasts longer. The sparks are long lasting and hurtful at times….

Why do we lose our temper? Is it because things do not happen the way we want them to? People around us do not behave as we would like them to? Is that why we get angry?

At times we get angry with ourselves too. Our behavior or things happening in our life which are not in our control irk us.

Rather than trying to control the feeling of anger, we could first try to control our reaction while we are angry. Taking deep breaths and trying to relax would actually bring down the level of temper. But it is very difficult to do so when we are boiling with rage.

Words when uttered in anger could be really bitter and could leave a permanent scar on someone you love. When we are very angry with a person who we would not want to hurt, I would suggest- ‘go for a walk’

A brisk walk calms you down and you can come back later and speak your point of view without hurting the other person and also evaluate the reason for your anger.

I have lost my temper many a times and have relentlessly spoken long unwanted speeches which I have regretted later….

But of late I have calmed down a lot and am able to hold my anger and my words (which are my strength). I have decided to use this strength of mine in writing down my feelings, thoughts and emotions rather than trying to vent it out in anger and turning my strength into a weapon (or should I say weakness).

After all ‘A pen is mightier than the sword’- it’s true….Words have tremendous power…and we need to use it correctly for making, building and not destroying….


I guess my special reader Saya is a bit upset after reading my latest post (Down in the dumps)….
Yeah, I am generally quite positive but at times life just seems just so sad and well 😦
But I am back to normal and totally +++++++++++++ now 🙂

Well today is special for me as it is my birthday!
I woke up absolutely positive ready to enjoy the day. While many people feel that birthday means a year of your life reduced, I feel it is gaining an extra year of good experiences and feelings….

Life is meant for living. So live it as positively as possible. Look for the positive in the negative. You think it is not possible? It is believe me…
It takes time for us to realize that there are so many hidden positive energies in the negative happenings in life…

We are trapped in the negative energy and fail to see the light…We enjoy the darkness and the sorrow and try to go deeper and deeper into it as though trying to punish ourselves…
There is no need for that…it is absolutely not required.

I was supposed to be on a trip for two days enjoying at a beach resort for my birthday…
Some events made it impossible for me to go and I had to stay put in the house 😦

If I had taken this negatively I would have had a truly sad birthday. But my family tried their best to make the day special and that was what finally mattered…

A loving family who loves you enough to do something special for you on your birthday…..
There is nothing on this earth that can replace the love and affection we receive from our loved ones…
My friends, my family all wished me a great year ahead…….

I am feeling quite peaceful after having spent the entire day with close ones 🙂
I am as positive as I could be and I hope I will not be disappointing my special readers anytime too soon….