When Oh When?



In my previous post I mentioned about the ever so smiling cab driver and how a diamond is hidden in the guise of a cab driver. How many more such diamonds are scattered all over?

This question kept on popping in my mind at intervals. surely there were many more. If it was all a play of the divine then why had the divine hidden these precious stones in different places. Why were they not seen to their full potential?

The world is a stage and the drama of life is going on with all different actors. All actors are supposed to know they are acting and backstage they are back to being themselves. Ins’t that how it is supposed to work? Is it how its working? All are caught up in their roles and have forgotten to shed the make-up. The director is saying ‘cut’ and its going unheard…

The true scholars and brilliant individuals are hidden away in this drama. They are happy and stay away from the limelight. What is the need of the hour? Is it not time for these hidden talents to surface and take control of the play and the stage?

Or will it go on the way it is now? Is this the reason why this is called Kalyuga? Are people supposed to become blind to truth and reality and get caught up in the false glaze and shine?

What about these diamonds then? Is their life just going to pass without they being of service to these blind people? When they are the ones to show the light to the ones in darkness, why are they hidden?

Oh divine! Is it not time? Is it not necessary to wake up the ones who are asleep? To bring light in the life of the blind and to bring knowledge to the ignorant.

The artificial lights, sound, and glamour is destroying the existing human life and soon all will be taking birth as some lower species.

Will most of the human race be destroyed? The reason why we evolved into humans was to understand the self and continue with raising our consciousness levels…

When will the diamonds sparkle enough for all to see? When will the light shine so bright that even the blind can see? when will the knowledge be so clear and direct that even the ignorant can perceive…

When…oh when?




A sole word “thanks” and an emotion of gratitude would eventually bring us grace! What exactly is grace?

Grace is something that we receive extra…Just like grace marks to pass in School exams 🙂

How it works?

Well, when we feel immense gratitude and thankful to someone we express it and this leaves us feeling satisfied and complete. Gratitude brings grace. The divine decides to allow something extra because of our thankful nature. So we get  a little more than what we worked for!

How difficult is it to feel gratitude? I have seen its not easy. The words “Thank you, Thanks” etc flow easily. But the required emotion of gratitude is generally missing.

Let us feel gratitude and the word “thanks” will come naturally…

Gratitude for what? Most of the times we feel we deserve all that we receive or that we worked for it and if we received something in return, whats the big deal!

We fail to see that many a times we receive much more than what we should have. This grace goes unnoticed by us.

We all need grace and for that we just simply need to feel thankful. For what?

For every single thing we have…For this very human life, for all that we have received until now and for hundreds of things that really mattered. Always the hand of the divine has been on our head. Always and always we have been saved by grace and yet we fail to see it, and if we see it, we do not bow down in prayer.

Why does this happen? because we are too busy complaining about the little things we did not receive…We are too focused on what we need, what we didn’t receive and so on.

We miss grace in this kind of attitude. Just simply let us fold our hands and pray. let us feel gratitude for everything, for this very day, for this very morning that we woke up.

Life is so full of adventure. We never know what’s next. Let us  live this adventure with fun, frolic, love, peace and joy! Let us spread the love and joy. Every moment let us work towards this goal. Spreading love and joy should become a natural phenomena.

Let us not get caught up in worldly issues. They will come and go…Change is constant…what was yesterday is not today.



The past incidents will prove like a reference guide for us. We have come a long way and there is yet a long way to go…

Grace is always flowing…Gratitude opens the path of grace for us and we receive in abundance…

Time to feel gratitude! Thank you Lord for everything…every single thing….

Smile…the divine is taking care of you

Don’t take life too seriously!

We are usually dead serious about life!!

Now that sentence sounds ridiculous isn’t it? How can one be dead and serious about life???

Life is all about living and its all about simply living…

It is just like the breath is happening right now. Are we even aware that we are breathing? No! We are breathing and that very breath is the lifeline…it connects us to the source.

Yet leaving that aside, we are focused on various things around us and think that it is quite serious and dead serious!

Every breath in and out is life…simple…its happening…
So just live life… as simple as that!

So what is it that makes us so so serious about life? All the things and all that we leave behind when the body is no more! These are the things we are serious about and in pursuing all that we forget to live life.

In no way am I indicating that living life is about simply sitting and doing nothing…yet…its just about that. The very fact that we feel that we are doing this and doing that makes us serious and soon dead 🙂

Life is a series of various incidents happening with us and around us. Let it happen… we live through it!

Just like the waves in the ocean…the movement is already guided by nature…if the waves start thinking that I will not go after this wave and will surpass that wave and so on…it just wont work…

Waves are simply happening…everything in nature is guided by a force and it will all happen anyway. So what is it that we are so serious about?

The job, the money, the house, the family etc.? Look outside…Just look with eyes wide open….

Look at the sun rise and set, the moon and its cycles, the waves in the sea, the rivers flowing, the buds blossoming into flowers, the bees and the birds….

Wherever you look, its all happening in its own beautiful way! Isn’t it? What are we then so frustrated about?

If in such a vast expanse in nature it can happen all on its own, why do we think that we have to take a lot of serious effort to manage ourselves?
The one who is out there managing this whole set up will surely not ignore you or miss you. You are very much part of the whole scheme!

So let it just happen…whatever is to happen through you will happen through you…
All you need to do is allow the divinity to use you in the right way and not come in the way!

Have you seen the potter mould the clay pots into beautiful shapes? Are we not like the clay in the hands of the divine?



Now imagine if the clay wriggles itself out of the hands of the divine saying its not happy with the way its being handled and does not like the shape its being made into and so on and on….

It does not work like that my dear! The divine will mould the way its planned and just like the potter puts the pots in the hot oven to bake it, we too will have to pass through some heat!

pexels-photo-243059 (1)

But that assures you that you are ready…to be of use to the divine and to the world that we see.

So seriously never think that we need to be serious about life.
It is happening and will continue to happen…

Do not hold the hand of the divine father and mother…let them hold your hand…feel safe and secure…you are in the right hands now!

Hands holding the hand of a younger

Hands holding the hand of a younger

So drop the seriousness and smile….the divine is taking care of you….you are in the best hands possible and so relax and let go….



Count your blessings! Have we not heard this so many times…yet do we? Well, should we?

NO! Just accept, acknowledge, bow down with humility and smile…

Blessed we are to have this beautiful human body and yet we fail to see the same due to the various minuscule issues that seem like huge mountains looming over us!

Blessing in disguise – heard this so many times.
Our lovely human form is the perfect blessing in disguise.

It is blessing is it not that we have the human form? How about the form of a rat or a snake or something else?

One of the wonders, the human body, the form of the divine directly is what we are wearing today!

Yet , we have our own list of complaints and we keep complaining about the manufacturing defects, the maintenance issues and so on and on!


Love yourself, love your body and love all…

Why get busy trying to alter something which the divine gave us in the most beautiful form?

Just accept, love it and live with it! Life is flowing through this very body my dear…
Breathe in…breathe out…feel the breath! It is life…flowing…



Stop being a complaint box! Just open your arms wide….and encompass all the love the divinity is sharing with you right this moment!

Close your eyes and feel life…every breath…the life force energy within…its amazing!

Open your eyes…look up and stare at the sky…look at those fluffy white clouds…floating free, unaware uncaring and blissful…aren’t they?

The vastness of the sky, the glaring sun, the rays…the warmth the heat…the breeze…



FEEL IT… look down at the mud, the grass, the sand, the roads…

Everywhere everything seems like a blessing!



Feel deep gratitude….for all that is received…Thank you God for everything…Thank you for this day, for this moment, for this life and for every single thing I have…

Send this prayer and always smile…



Life is just about this much…don’t look for anything further…





As the silence weighed heavily
The feeling of weightlessness grew
A feather flying in the sky
Floating yet not falling down

No words no thoughts
Nothing arose in the mind
It was all like a blank sheet
With no inscriptions no ink

                                                        pexels-photo-372757 (1)

Awareness at its ultimate
Vibrations passed through
An experience so true
I was merged with the divine…

What my dear is love?

What my dear is love
Is it the meeting of hearts?
Is it the gelling of minds?
Is it the mating of bodies?
What my dear is love?

Love is all about space
Love is all about faith
Its all about having trust
And a whole lot of patience

Love is eternal and forever
It’s a feeling an emotion
And yet unbinding and free
Unexplored yet so known

Love invokes joy and bliss
It surrounds and supports
Love moves the world
Unifies and unites into one

Love is pure acceptance
Its also about tolerance
A deep feeling of connecting
Also its about rejoicing

Love is about freedom
being unshackled unbound
To explore to express
to be natural and oneself

Its not about bondage
Its not about possession
Its not about control
Its not about command

Love is pure sunshine
The light of the moon
The twinkle in the stars
The caress of the breeze

Entwining with nature
Mating with the divine
A meeting a union
So divine so sublime…

Where Oh Where…

My eyes searched for my beloved
My heart longed for a glimpse
Where Oh where was my love
I cried tears flowing down my cheek
A deep longing wrenched my heart
A wee glimpse was all I sought
Where Oh where was my love
I felt an ache deep in my heart
Will I ever meet my beloved?
Doubts and fears arose anew
Where Oh where was my love
I succumbed on the floor fearful
Where to look for my beloved
I needed and desired just a glimpse
Where Oh where was my love
I then heard a voice from within
Right here right now am here
Within you with you forever
Where are you searching my dear
Am not separate…but a part of you
I cried with tears of relief
My eyes glued to my beloved
Never will I lose sight ever
Will hold close to me forever
I felt waves of bliss and delight
Joy and laughter shone in my eyes
Never was I away from my beloved
I danced with a spring in my step
The mating and meeting so divine
I lost myself…now complete and sublime
One mind one heart one love
There never was any two
It had always been just one
Two hearts now beating as one
Everything merged into one
Feeling Love bliss joy peace alone…