Thank you Oh divine

“Thank you Oh divine for all that you have given me

Thank you for this day, for this beautiful life ”

A small prayer of gratitude for the very reason that we are alive will bring immense grace in our life. Yet, it should be done with deep feeling and not mechanically.

What could be more precious than this life? There are innumerable possibilities with this heart beating in us!

Are we aware of the heart beating? Are we aware of our pulse and the entire beauty of the inner system of our body.

What about the sun that rises without fail, the moon that is cyclic, the stars that shine every night and the clouds that keep moving in the sky!

The clouds darkening and then heavy rains…how is this all happening? Forget how, are we aware, are we noticing all this?

Observe a plant, a bud and then how the flower blossoms. Its a process…do we have the time or awareness to sit and observe this?

Is life not just passing by? Are we not too caught up in our routine and think that we do not have another option?

Time to take a small pause. Sit back and wonder…why was I born into this body? what am I here for? what is this world and what’s my role. Is there a purpose or am I supposed to just live and die?

Why is it so important to be obsessed about all the works that we do and how much money we earn and what and all we gather? What about wisdom? What about liberation and self-realisation. Is it not on the agenda at all?

Or are we to wait till all these works are done ( which usually never happens)! Isn’t life about living and living totally!

Enjoying the sunrise, being part of it. Watching the sun set, the moon rise, the stars shine…the waves dashing and lashing as the sea changes tide…and so many more.

Living with nature and being part of it is not applicable until one retires? But by then our eyes will be old and we may no be able to sit long enough to enjoy the beauty of nature.

life is passing by…we are moving nowhere with our set routines. Time to contemplate and understand that life is for living.

Laugh, enjoy, be in bliss…be happy come what may. Anyway whatever comes will pass, good or bad!

in this joy and laughter, life is lived totally. Make time and be with nature. Look out of the window and see the greenery, give an ear to the sounds of the birds, communicate with the birds and animals. Be in tune with entire nature and feel life passing through every cell in the body.

Set aside the innumerable thoughts that keep dominating and absorb the beauty around. look, its bound to be there. Mother nature cant be hidden away.

As the clock ticks by, think of all the lovely things left undone. Start doing them instantly. do not procrastinate anymore. Its never too late. breathe in and feel the fullness of life.

Thank you Oh divine…for this life…



Where Oh Where…

My eyes searched for my beloved
My heart longed for a glimpse
Where Oh where was my love
I cried tears flowing down my cheek
A deep longing wrenched my heart
A wee glimpse was all I sought
Where Oh where was my love
I felt an ache deep in my heart
Will I ever meet my beloved?
Doubts and fears arose anew
Where Oh where was my love
I succumbed on the floor fearful
Where to look for my beloved
I needed and desired just a glimpse
Where Oh where was my love
I then heard a voice from within
Right here right now am here
Within you with you forever
Where are you searching my dear
Am not separate…but a part of you
I cried with tears of relief
My eyes glued to my beloved
Never will I lose sight ever
Will hold close to me forever
I felt waves of bliss and delight
Joy and laughter shone in my eyes
Never was I away from my beloved
I danced with a spring in my step
The mating and meeting so divine
I lost myself…now complete and sublime
One mind one heart one love
There never was any two
It had always been just one
Two hearts now beating as one
Everything merged into one
Feeling Love bliss joy peace alone…

How Oh How …Ma…


Her eyes glistening with unshed tears
Strands of hair caressing her divine face
Lips quivering with words unspoken
Her angelic demeanor so mesmerizing

No words came to me as I knew none
I just stared at her feeling her pain
She turned her face and tears fell
On my face like warm drops of rain

I was there… I wished to convey
With my palms I caressed her cheek
So soft to touch…damp with tears
An ache I felt deep inside my heart

How Oh how could I tell her
That I was with her forever and ever
To protect her…to love her…
On her side alongside… always… forever

With tearful eyes she looked at me
Fear and insecurity I saw in them
And yet I saw love so deep and profound
My angel my goddess my entire world

How Oh How could I bring a smile
On her divine angelic face
Her lips parted and she uttered a sigh
I cuddled closer to her desiring solace

She hugged me closer to her bosom
I could hear her heart beating
I tucked my face feeling the warmth
Her tears now fell on my cheeks

How Oh How could I assure her
Never will I leave your side
I snuggled deeper into her bosom
My lips touching her soft skin

She bent her head and engulfed me
With her lips she kissed my forehead
Her face touching mine now wet with tears
In her embrace I sensed immense love

How Oh How could I take away her fear
Her pain wrenched through my heart
I could hear the sound of her tears
With innocent eyes I stared into her eyes

She held me closer to herself
My cheek resting on her cheek
A part of her I was I knew
Not separate from her I knew

Just born in this world of people
I belonged only to my mother
As my eyes drooped with sleep
I snuggled closer…nose touching her neck

With tiny hands I held her close
No words could I utter I just gurgled
She hugged me tightly held me closer
I just knew that I would be there for her
Forever and ever and ever….