Waves of emotions

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Why the waves rise only to fall

They fall then rise to a wave

Did the same wave rise and fall

Or each time was it a new wave?


Just like our emotions that waver

The waves rise and fall asunder

They dance hither tither unaware

In our mind creating a flutter…



Where was the sound?

I could hear it loud

Yet it seemed silent

I know not how

It was the sound of the mind

The chatter in the mind

at times it felt like birds chirping

at times it felt like waves lashing

The sound went on and on

Silence …how would it be?

Was it no sound? utter stillness?

Did silence have no sound?

Then I would  have to see it

and surely could not hear it

how would it be?

would it be dark or light?

Who then would see the silence

In the stillness, in the darkness

How could silence be seen?

Who saw when the eyes closed

Who heard when the ears were shut

There was an “I” other than this body

infinite and one, that was the “I”

With no you, only an “I”

Who saw who heard who spoke

It was this “I” and none other

Where was this “I” did I know

Not until I existed would I know

the “I” untouched…unseen…yet…

The eternal one…

No mind!




Stop! said the mind

Why? asked the drop

‘Coz i am superior

Who said so?

I know so

You know not though

I do know though

You are but an illusion

Its just your imagination

A heap of impressions

The heap makes me strong

Again your illusion

I rule the senses

Is what you think so

I control the body

You really think so?

I am the mighty mind

‘coz you lost the intellect

Why do I need intellect?

to discriminate and assess

Why would I need that?

To learn and know the truth

I am the supreme ruler

There is only one supreme

That is me, I said so

Look beyond and see so

I am whole and complete

Its what you assume so

How do you know so?

A Speck of the same I am

None is superior than me

You will dissolve in your pride

Better than I admit defeat

There is no fight here

I believe its war here

if there were two to fight

There is another, other than me

It is a block, unveil the screen

Layers are my strength

no they are your weakness

I need them to live and rule

they are just a deception

I refuse to accept defeat

Just accept your deceit

What would happen then

the supreme will absolve you

why would I want that

as you need to rest a while

I already feel so light

dissolve and absolve

no sound…no words…

Dissolved completely

eternally…it became “No Mind”

Break the bubble…

I keep enjoying the safety of the bubble and feel very secure. Never once I feel suffocated and just keep rolling in and out of different lives and different bodies.

It is just like changing clothes. The choice is endless and I roll inside the bubble…unware and completely immersed in changing clothes, enjoying the changes, suffering through some, yet not seeking anything except peace and happiness. Not knowing why it is evading me and yet not pursuant enough to find out. The changing of clothes and the session in each piece of cloth intriguing me and trapping me.

After ages, at one point I finally open my eyes a little bit and look around. I am unable to judge where the bubble begins and where it ends. Something stirs deep within and a feeling arises that the bubble is not actually a safety haven but a trap.

I start feeling suffocated and restless, almost claustrophobic. Why am I in this? Who am I? The desire to feel free and break the bubble and realise the self starts troubling me.

It keeps nagging constantly and I start seeking for a way out. I go to temples, meet sanyasis. I read books, scriptures and attend satsang. I take up all the required techniques which come with the label “ Moksh ka dwaar”, the door to Mukti/liberation.

This stresses me out even more. Wherever I go I see more bubbles all trying out some method or the other but reaching nowhere. At times desolation would hit me and I would feel reckless and angry.

What is each bubble doing? Why is no one out of it? Is there anyone out of it? Is even a single one liberated?

What would occur when liberation happened? Would the bubble break? Would I be back to my own essence of the beautiful drop of the ocean, merging back into the ocean? Would there be a bubble without a drop of water? No!

So the bubble was an illusion…temporary. The drop was real yet not visible. Once merged in the expanse of the ocean, where would the drop go? It would be merged and would have no identity of being a drop.
This is what I understand. This understanding makes me feel free though not liberated. The suffocation is reduced because now I know that the bubble exists only because of the drop and I am the drop and one day the bubble will break. It has to…

When, how and where does not matter. Let it take its course. Within the bubble I feel free now. I live in my own essence, using the bubble as a mask, yet not attaching my identity to it.

I am pure, beautiful drop…seeking to join the ocean where I belong. I will merge into it and lose myself into it. Then nothing of me remains and yet I remain as the paramatma/super consciousness.

Now the bubble no longer troubles me. It is there because I am there. It is like the reflection of the face on the mirror. The reflection is not real. The mirror shattering will finish the reflection but not the face outside the mirror.

I am me…I will now enjoy the ride…float through the turbulence with awareness and laugh and be joyous all the time. In this joy, laughter, I will get closer to the self.

In sadness and sorrow I get more into the trap. Moment to moment…I will live totally…it’s the present I have received…the present moment is the truth…the only truth…

Soaked in my essence, I resolve to live life in its totality.

Love…a duty????

Love is a pure emotion…its unconditional…its just there…

I agree that love is a pure emotion. Yet how does it become unconditional?

If its love…its true…its unconditional. Where there is any condition or expectation, it is not love…it is possession. With our own parents, our kids, our relations and even our own body we have conditions and expectations. Total acceptance is lacking. So it cannot be love. It is understood as love, but it is not love.

Well that sounds very harsh and kind of false. To believe that I do not love my own parents, my brother/sister, my kids who are so much mine is really heart breaking. Somehow I cannot believe it. I do love them.

You think you love them. Love has no conditions. Its unconditional acceptance without any expectations.

But what if someone is erring? Someone is on the wrong route? Is it not my duty to guide them, as I expect good for them? How can this be explained?

It is still not love. As soon as you say the other is on the wrong path, you are judging them by your parameter. Who are you to judge anyone, even if you feel you own them/possess them? Also duty and love are two opposites. Where the word duty comes, love disappears.

Duty is important for me. I have always fulfilled my duties. That is because I love those people. I do my duty towards my body by exercising, eating right and taking care of it. I take care of the ones I love and so I am doing my duty correctly. How can love disappear when duty appears?

Duty and love can never co-exist. Where there is love, actions happen. There is no duty or rule attached. It is just like a bud that blooms into a flower. Does the bud do its duty in blossoming into a flower? Is it not natural? When we judge anything or anyone, we are nowhere near love. Love is simply accepting…love is simply loving…not for a reason, not for anything!

Well we do love others for some reason or the other. Like I love my parents because they gave birth to me, they took care of me, they loved me…same goes with everyone I love. If love is simply loving without reason, then probably we do not love anyone at all…even this body. As when my body does not function perfectly, I hate it. I get angry on my body for not responding to the care I give.

See now you have answered your own question. Where there is expectation, love cannot exist. We have always understood like and dislike, happiness and sadness…its all duality. Two sides of the same coin. Love is not opposite of hatred. Yet we have been taught like this for years. Love is eternal…If you hate someone, how can love be there? what you think is hate, is nothing but dislike. Love is pure…its complete…it has no two sides…its not one side of a coin…its the entire coin.

Somehow this is so difficult to accept. Don’t I love my body? I worry about it, I take care of it…I believe I love it. Yet I have not accepted my body the way it is. I have not accepted everyone the way they are. I have expectations from all. So many conditions…how can this be love? Feeling unconditional love even for my own body is so difficult…how then can I feel unconditional love for others? Everything is based on conditions…It is really depressing…the very fact that I have never felt love…all this while I had felt it was love…now what should I do?

Drop the conditions…drop the conditioning…drop the expectations…Just accept unconditionally…accept your body the way it is, accept everyone the way they are. Why expect anything from anyone? It is like asking a rosebud to flower into a lotus because you feel lotus is better than rose! Rosebud will flower into a rose…each bud will blossom as per its nature…we cannot interfere with nature…interference is like trampling someone. When you tell an orange that it is not as crisp as an apple…are you not expecting something out of its very nature? Complete acceptance is love…

How do I learn to accept everything the way it is and everyone the way they are?

Accept yourself the way you are…totally…the rest will happen…same goes with love…when you love yourself totally, the way you are…you can love others the way they are…

It is not easy to accept myself or others…

It is not difficult either…look at the sky, the clouds, the flowers…all are in tune with each other…they are not fighting, they are not expecting anything from each other. They are in complete synchronicity…

Very true! Why then as humans, we are not like that? Why is there expectations, anger, non-acceptance? Yet all the time, it is we who speak of love…

Very strange, yet true…we speak of love though, love is our very nature…to understand more about this, we will meet soon.