Love your woman

How to treat the women in your life? Be it your mother, daughter, sister, lover, wife or a friend…

Open the car door for your woman, help her alight from the car, hold her hand while crossing the road…(Small details)

Never allow a woman to carry heavy bags, carry them for her. Look into her eyes while talking and show her how much you care. Never interrupt while she talks, though at times it might not make much sense!


However much you feel you know a woman, you will never know her. She is an enigma, a mystery that you cannot solve ever…never try to dissect her feelings.

You will fail miserably. She is the puzzle that you can never solve and yet she is so simple that you feel you just know her totally and it is at this confident moment of yours that she will put you in a dilemma.


A woman is exactly like a bud in different stages of blossoming. Allow her to blossom, have the patience. Do not rip her apart trying to make her blossom fast…it doesn’t work like that with a woman. She takes her own sweet time, allow her to take that time…


Love her totally and unconditionally…you need her more than she needs you though she may pretend that she needs you more and cannot manage without you.
Look at any home without a father…they can manage as they have their mother! Look at a home without a mother and you will see how difficult it is!


I lost my dad when I was barely 8 years old and with my younger sis, my mom managed to bring us up well…it is not that we did not miss our dad. We did miss him and still do, yet we sailed through. At times I wondered if instead of him, we had lost her, how would dad have managed? He wouldn’t have. He would probably have remarried or asked one of our aunts to take care of us.

Always remember that a woman can easily manage without you…She is Shakti…She allows you to take care of her and behaves like she would be lost without you. Remember she is the one who is Saraswati and also Durga and Kali. All these different Avatars are one single woman.


Your woman who looks docile like a small kitten may any moment turn into a tigress. That is the specialty of a woman. God made her like that! She just chooses the forms based on the need of the hour!


So love her totally, respect every form of hers. She is versatile and ever changing. Her moods change colors so fast, you may miss a few colors. Sail with her, its fun. If only you set aside your male ego and go along with her, life will be an adventure.

She is the ultimate combination of love, joy, peace, fun, anger, sound, songs, music, dance etc. Her form and beauty is unsurpassed ( it was why the beauty of a woman is described in much detail in our ancient scriptures ).


Never love her conditionally. She will never accept it. She may implement all the conditions in your relationship and yet she will want you to love her just the way she is. If you start rolling out a list of conditions, very soon she will just take her heart away from yours and you will be left without her love!

Why analyze a woman? She is not a Math puzzle, she is nothing scientific. She is like the sun, the moon, stars and the waves. Totally unpredictable and amazingly beautiful if you just accept and do not expect.


Look at Mother Nature and look at a woman, they are same. There is absolutely no difference. The amount of love you can experience lying in the lap of nature or lap of a woman is same. You will feel secure, taken care of and totally loved.


When she is angry it is like the white fluffy clouds have turned grey black ready to burst. Her anger is like thunder and her eyes flash like lightning…her words are like arrows and when the cloud bursts forth, it rains and she cries…
Very soon the clouds are white again, she is that forgiving…


Look at the waves in the sea, look at the moon and its changing shapes. Wherever you look you will see the woman.
If so willingly you accept nature in every form, why not accept the women in your life in the same manner?

Believe me it is not difficult. Just flow with her and see, you will enjoy life in a completely different way. Be with her and stop dominating her. Let her dominate, let her call the rules in the game. She is so sweet, so innocent that if you ask her to call the rules, she will hand over the rule book and ask you to do it. She is really that innocent and trusting.

She just wants to know that she is loved and cared for. Most of the time, she is the one loving and caring for you. Small acknowledgements, gestures and a touch at times will be enough for her. She is that sensitive.

So remember all this and now look at the women in your life. They are special, they are prakriti, they are existence…their being on this planet has made the planet so beautiful and worth living…

One last note…when she throws tantrums which will be rare if you love her the way mentioned above, just look at her face, into her eyes and say “I LOVE YOU” and you will see her melt. Just like the ice-cream she will melt and forget her anger or whatever her feeling was…


Life is all about love and if there is a woman in your life, love is there by default. Love her…and see how life sails through like a breeze…how you will feel that this life should never end and how you will see yourself as part of her, merging with her…one with her…


Thank you God…

A cool breeze with a light drizzle…

That is what I see today as I look out of the window. Thunder I hear as the drizzle continues…

Everything keeps changing as change is the only thing that is constant.
Just like the weather our moods, situations and circumstance keep changing. How far can we control or how much are we in control of the same?

We are not! And we need not. Controlling may have become a habit for us, but it is of not much use as it only leaves us frustrated.

Even as I am writing this post, I can see the clouds a bit scared of the bright sun that is making its presence felt. I wonder as I watch the play of nature…
The vast sky with clouds, sun and the rain all together taking turns and making their presence felt.


Life too is the same. Any moment the clouds can turn dark, it can rain and very soon the sun will shine through spreading its warmth.
If we just accept, witness and absorb…we will feel blessed and blessed…

Why try fighting something we cannot fight anyway? Life is like a puzzle…a jumbo puzzle with all pieces strewn here and there. One by one the pieces will join themselves and the whole puzzle will be complete one day…until then it will always remain a puzzle!

Life is uncertain and it is this uncertainty that makes life so interesting. Who wants a typical boring routine life? It would look like a sea without waves…absolutely boring!

The waves, huge and small, dancing one after the other, swaying and overlapping, merge at the shore, only to reemerge again…

How different are we? It is the same for us…nature has its ways and we are just part of her. She plays she decides she creates…we just flow…like the wave we smile and sway…we merge and rise and the play goes on…

The sun is shining a little more brightly now as I close this post. I can feel the warmth as though the rays are hugging me and enveloping me. Secure and safe, warm and cocooned I breathe in and murmur a prayer…

Thank you Lord for attuning me to mother nature and reflecting all the beauty within me and around me…


Smile…the divine is taking care of you

Don’t take life too seriously!

We are usually dead serious about life!!

Now that sentence sounds ridiculous isn’t it? How can one be dead and serious about life???

Life is all about living and its all about simply living…

It is just like the breath is happening right now. Are we even aware that we are breathing? No! We are breathing and that very breath is the lifeline…it connects us to the source.

Yet leaving that aside, we are focused on various things around us and think that it is quite serious and dead serious!

Every breath in and out is life…simple…its happening…
So just live life… as simple as that!

So what is it that makes us so so serious about life? All the things and all that we leave behind when the body is no more! These are the things we are serious about and in pursuing all that we forget to live life.

In no way am I indicating that living life is about simply sitting and doing nothing…yet…its just about that. The very fact that we feel that we are doing this and doing that makes us serious and soon dead 🙂

Life is a series of various incidents happening with us and around us. Let it happen… we live through it!

Just like the waves in the ocean…the movement is already guided by nature…if the waves start thinking that I will not go after this wave and will surpass that wave and so on…it just wont work…

Waves are simply happening…everything in nature is guided by a force and it will all happen anyway. So what is it that we are so serious about?

The job, the money, the house, the family etc.? Look outside…Just look with eyes wide open….

Look at the sun rise and set, the moon and its cycles, the waves in the sea, the rivers flowing, the buds blossoming into flowers, the bees and the birds….

Wherever you look, its all happening in its own beautiful way! Isn’t it? What are we then so frustrated about?

If in such a vast expanse in nature it can happen all on its own, why do we think that we have to take a lot of serious effort to manage ourselves?
The one who is out there managing this whole set up will surely not ignore you or miss you. You are very much part of the whole scheme!

So let it just happen…whatever is to happen through you will happen through you…
All you need to do is allow the divinity to use you in the right way and not come in the way!

Have you seen the potter mould the clay pots into beautiful shapes? Are we not like the clay in the hands of the divine?



Now imagine if the clay wriggles itself out of the hands of the divine saying its not happy with the way its being handled and does not like the shape its being made into and so on and on….

It does not work like that my dear! The divine will mould the way its planned and just like the potter puts the pots in the hot oven to bake it, we too will have to pass through some heat!

pexels-photo-243059 (1)

But that assures you that you are ready…to be of use to the divine and to the world that we see.

So seriously never think that we need to be serious about life.
It is happening and will continue to happen…

Do not hold the hand of the divine father and mother…let them hold your hand…feel safe and secure…you are in the right hands now!

Hands holding the hand of a younger

Hands holding the hand of a younger

So drop the seriousness and smile….the divine is taking care of you….you are in the best hands possible and so relax and let go….



I feel blessed! Totally blessed!

As I am typing away on the laptop, I look outside the window and see the bright sun, the white sky and the clouds floating…

Totally relaxed on the settee as I soak in the warmth of the sun, I send across a prayer into the Universe…

A simple prayer of gratitude, a feeling of thankfulness to the divinity for this beautiful circumstance that I am in…

I truly wish and pray that life would be as simple as it is for all others, as right now it is for me…

At intervals I hear the sound of tiny cute kids playing in the corridor…their laughter and joy that trickles in through the door…


Far away from the noise, hustle bustle…secure in my home…with time utilized in the right manner…

If I wish I can list out 100 complaints right this moment…yet I wish not!
I learnt that it is how we create the world in our mind is what is seen outside.
The scene that is seen outside is actually the scene inside the mind…

The scenes that form inside the mind are just impressions of the past and the memories that left those impressions.
It is like trying to create something out of the dead past! Nothing worthwhile will come of it, isn’t it?

Yet we keep trying and now that we learnt that no life is possible from the dead and the dead do not spring to life…lets chuck the past totally! I do not believe in dealing with the dead…


We are speaking of life here…something alive…something total and something right now!!!
This moment…is all that we have…the present is a present (gift) of the divine…live it…its life…

Moment to moment to moment life passes…we live moment to moment…
Future? Sorry…not worth thinking of as it is yet to be born! So the focus is only on “NOW”

So just like the rays of the Sun spreads warmth, we too can spread love, warmth, joy and peace.
Now come on, let go off the past and the ones that no longer exist!


Be here, right now, in the present! Live and love …love and live…
Live life with a spring in your step, its LIFE!!

Woman Power!

We keep hearing that women need to be empowered and a lot of women are suffering and need help and so on…

From a particular angle this is true and yet only a small switch has to be made instead of huge slogans and programs.

In the name of empowerment women are trying to do things that men are doing. They can surely do it! But whats the whole point? There is nothing to prove and nothing that she needs to do in order to prove her importance! She is all powerful just like that!

From our scriptures and many age old epics we know that woman was referred to as Shakti. Shakti is strength and the name itself reflects power.

Now most of us know that the atman or soul is not male or female. It is just pure and existential.

So the gender is all about the body that the soul adorns. So the entire power, empower etc is something to do with the physicality of a human.

Why are we giving so much importance to the gender and not just looking at people as humans? How can gender decide how powerful or intelligent or whatever each human is?



All born with a female body must be absolutely proud and feel worthy of having been blessed with it. It is one of the most miraculous phenomena because she is born to bring life on earth!

A woman has the choice to bring life on earth! Does she need empowerment? For what? Isn’t she already Shakti?

Somewhere somehow things got misinterpreted and women started feeling powerless.

It is absolutely ridiculous because its like “Strength is feeling weak”

She is existence, she is prakriti/nature, she is the entirety…
She represents life…She just needs to remember this!

Life is impossible without her…she is the life in all…she brings life…she is the creation!



Can we imagine human kind without a woman?

Every birth that has taken place is out of a woman’s body! Man is born out of a woman…

A Female ….A Woman…She… all words have the word ‘man’ ‘male’ ‘he’in it! She is complete!

Why does she need empowerment? She is already powerful! She is the power personified…

She is the warmth, care, love, gentleness in the home…she makes a house into a home…



She is the one who brings life, nurtures the life and makes life possible!Is this not enough reason for her to feel empowered? I wonder why we need to get into gender equality!

How can a woman be equal to a man? It is impossible and absolutely unnecessary. If she becomes like a man, what will happen to the warmth and gentleness and beauty?

A woman need not give birth and bring life in order to be a mother. A female by birth has all the qualities already imbibed in her. She is a mother by her very nature…

Come on, let us just respect life, love life and also all the feminine out there who make life possible on this earth!She needs no empowerment!




“Human Power” sounds good! We can all get together and empower each other instead of focusing on gender and trying to empower women thinking they are the weaker gender!



Count your blessings! Have we not heard this so many times…yet do we? Well, should we?

NO! Just accept, acknowledge, bow down with humility and smile…

Blessed we are to have this beautiful human body and yet we fail to see the same due to the various minuscule issues that seem like huge mountains looming over us!

Blessing in disguise – heard this so many times.
Our lovely human form is the perfect blessing in disguise.

It is blessing is it not that we have the human form? How about the form of a rat or a snake or something else?

One of the wonders, the human body, the form of the divine directly is what we are wearing today!

Yet , we have our own list of complaints and we keep complaining about the manufacturing defects, the maintenance issues and so on and on!


Love yourself, love your body and love all…

Why get busy trying to alter something which the divine gave us in the most beautiful form?

Just accept, love it and live with it! Life is flowing through this very body my dear…
Breathe in…breathe out…feel the breath! It is life…flowing…



Stop being a complaint box! Just open your arms wide….and encompass all the love the divinity is sharing with you right this moment!

Close your eyes and feel life…every breath…the life force energy within…its amazing!

Open your eyes…look up and stare at the sky…look at those fluffy white clouds…floating free, unaware uncaring and blissful…aren’t they?

The vastness of the sky, the glaring sun, the rays…the warmth the heat…the breeze…



FEEL IT… look down at the mud, the grass, the sand, the roads…

Everywhere everything seems like a blessing!



Feel deep gratitude….for all that is received…Thank you God for everything…Thank you for this day, for this moment, for this life and for every single thing I have…

Send this prayer and always smile…



Life is just about this much…don’t look for anything further…





Happiness is not given by anyone to us. It never comes on a silver platter…
We choose to be happy or sad. The situations and circumstances will happen…that is how life is. It is all outside. Joy is within!

How is the outside connected to the inside? It is not…we connect it. We essentially are joy, love and peace. Whatever we see happening is happening outside and has no connection to us.

It is like the drama on the stage, the movie on the screen. We are just the witness…We can laugh or cry based on how the script in the movie affects us! Yet it is temporary, as the minute we walk out of the cinema hall we are heading towards the food court to have some good food and some ice cream too!

Life is no less than that cinema and its all rolling out in reels…let it roll out while we enjoy our pop corn and juice!

The movie is over and so will this life end…


What is there to be sad about? What is sorrow and suffering? It is a prank played by the mind, nothing else.


Do not become the role, just play the role my dear. Play it effectively and yet withdraw once the director says “Cut”. We need not continue playing the role once the act is over…

SMILE…it spreads joy and its contagious. People may feel you are crazy, always smiling…doesn’t matter what they think! You keep smiling…and let the smile be from deep within…

Look around and merge completely with mother nature. No one and nothing can be as beautiful as her. Whether it’s the rugged mountains, hills, sun, moon, stars, rain, clouds, sky, rivers ….whatever…

Beauty is all around us if we care to see it. It is time to change the glasses we are wearing. Throw away those glasses lined with sorrow and grief. They are false and never meant for us.

Pick the divine glasses of beauty and truth. Now look around with those glasses!
How can we miss the beautiful birds, butterflies, flowers? The changing colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset.


The rainbow…the rain, the clouds…

Peacocks …their colorful feathers…the white swan…the blue sky, the calm sea, the waves, the flowing river…


It is all around us…just look, wear the right glass…clear the eyes of all the unwanted films of past sad incidents…it is all over and gone.

Life is staring at you, right at you…smile…acknowledge life! Open your arms wide and hug – accept!


Make bringing smile on every face your goal…spread the smile, spread the joy, spread the love…



Do not be stuck up in your own small issues…they are a small speck in this beautiful vast universe.

Leave the speck, it is just a speck. Open your eyes wide and look…Why allow the small speck of dust to block your vision…

Life is beckoning you with arms open wide…mother earth in her entirety and beauty is waiting for you to lie on her lap…the vast sky is widely open and welcoming your smile and laughter…