Monkey and the peanuts

Most of us have heard the story of the monkey and the peanuts!

A monkey sees a jar with a small mouth and inserts its hand in the jar and picks a handful of peanuts. Now trying to remove the hand, finds its fist stuck at the mouth of the jar. Tugging and pulling, yet unable to pull out its fist.

How does the monkey get its fist out? Simple…it just needs to drop the peanuts!

How can we relate to this story? We all say we are seeking liberation/moksha…Yet how prepared are we to let go of the peanuts in order to free the hand?
Peanuts here represent our family ties, attachments, desires, wishes etc. All these will end with the body. We all know this much and yet we cannot let go of them!

The attachment to all that we feel we own including this body is so much…why then do we use words like ‘liberation’ ‘mokhsa’ ‘mukti’ ‘self-realisation’ ‘atma bodha’ etc.

All sound very nice, but not practical ….isnt this our thought right now?
We have 100s of excuses to not leave those peanuts…don’t we?

Even as many of us are reading this we feel the fire rising within us and the defense statements readying within us to have an argument…

“How can I leave my wife/husband kids mother etc?”
“How can I leave my job or my duties for the family”
“How can I let go of my money and property?”
And many more such questions will arise…

What is there to let go? Things that we hold on to…right?

If we hold on to our relations, our social actions, friends, people etc…. then we need to let go of them. HOW?

How and where are we holding these people? In our minds…that’s where we let go…
“Then what about the physical duties, the job, the chores etc?”

Everything continues…on the physical level…all duties …all works…
Its about being involved and not attached. As of now we are attached to the job, the duty and everything for that matter…our image, our status etc.

Whatever we feels belongs to us is going to dissolve along with the body…until the body is there we can go about feeling that we own or possess all this…yet deep within we all know its an illusion…

The peanuts have to go and only then freedom is possible.
Our entire life is spent in trying to balance all our belongings and at the same time trying to attain moksha. It will never happen!

We need this also and that also. We are basically greedy…not ready to compromise, not ready to forsake or let go…We want everything…

Only if we knew that letting go of the peanuts would mean gaining everything…we would probably let go…

Yet there will be a brief moment when we let go…and realize the freedom…that moment will be filled with immense fear…

The fear of losing all…fear of losing the self…fear of losing the identity…the moment when the ego drops, the identity drops…the moment of union with the divine…


Spirituality – A time pass?

Spirituality, the word itself has become like a fashion statement nowadays.

People who have just discovered some traces of their spiritual self through some organization or some books/discourses find themselves a notch higher than the others who are yet to tread the path!

Surprisingly the other day when Sooriya and I were discussing, he said that people think there are two – worldly path and spiritual path. But actually there is nothing called worldly path. We are spiritual beings and that’s about it!

“I am a decent person, I do not visit bars and clubs, avoid movies and malls and choose to spend time at places where pujas, bhajans, discourses etc are happening. I take care of my health by doing yoga and pranayama.”

Actually there is no choice or comparison of a club or a bar with discourses/bhajans. A seeker would by default end up at a discourse.
Why yoga and pranayama? To safeguard health? What about spiritual seeking?
Where did we lose that?

A little bit of wisdom is enough to know that yoga, pranayama is so that the body can be prepared for further experience…health is the by product!

Thereby spirituality has become a time pass. Where does one spend his time?

After getting back from work or after finishing the chores in the house, man or woman find themselves at loose ends. Time is there…but what to do??

So satsang, kirtans etc are a good way to spend that extra time. This is because we all feel we have time to spend!

Every moment is passing…moment to moment…we are engrossed in thousands of activities which we feel is of the world…losing our spiritual self…losing our knowledge our wisdom…

We fail to witness, we fail to observe…we become the doers!!

“I have read the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, scriptures, listened to discourses and know something now!”

This is the biggest misconception…

If one has retained the knowledge then, he is a knowledgeable person but if one is walking the talk…he is walking the path in knowingness…

Everyone is walking on the path…yet is there a path? Where is the path, where are the different routes leading to that one destination? Is there a destination?

When and how did we move away from the self? Where did we lose ourselves? Did we or did we not?

Questions one needs to ponder on…

All actions pertaining to the body, family, society, world will happen…

Where am “I” in that? Am I there in that? THINK!!

Let us rise above this duality…

Where we think that one side the world is there and one side there is spirituality…there we have failed miserably…

Where we think I am different than others, superior or inferior depicts a super EGO

Every moment this body is dying! As we near the death of the body, we still feel we have time and think of ways to spend the time…

Time is what we do not have…when the clock will stop we do not know! Yet we keep getting deeper into the trap thinking we have super never dying batteries in the clock!

Where is the seeker? We have very rare few seekers…all are just working on spending their time in the best way possible. The best way nowadays being spirituality!

Getting into activities promoting satsangs, discourses etc. boosts the ego and one feels that one is doing something of prime importance. Yet, where is the seeker?

Is any of us actually a seeker? A true seeker who wants to know who he is…
Or is spirituality one of the options of passing our time effectively? A time pass…??



I stared at the image and was fascinated by the expression captured. The expression on someone’s face is surely emanating out of emotions and feelings.
This was my understanding. How can an expression arise without any emotion? The person is definitely feeling some emotion and that is expressed on the face.
Like when we eat sour foods, the expression on our face changes automatically. It is a direct response.
Many a times based on what we hear or see or read, our expressions keep changing. Our face is like a mirror reflecting all that is going on in our body and mind.
Coming back to the expression of bliss I saw in the photo clicked, I wondered who felt the bliss!
Unless there is a divine experience, the expression of bliss is not possible. So basically, unless there is an experience, no expression can happen.
If there is an experience then there has got to be a mind and also a memory.
That is how we relate our experiences…as they get stored in the mind as impressions, in the brain as memory.
To a certain extent we can relate our dreams too as we have a faint memory of the same. At times if we wake up right away from a dream, the experience and the memory is distinct.
All this is possible because of the mind.
Yet when someone asked me how I could experience that level of bliss listening to a spiritual song/discourse…I had no explanation.
I had no memory of the experience. This brings us to think that if there is no one to experience then who was the one experiencing the bliss?
How was it highlighted on the face? If it was, then how come there is no memory of how it felt and how the experience is etc etc.
This thought takes us into deeper realms of truth and reality. There is nothing to explain, nothing to understand as then it becomes an exercise of the mind.
This is beyond the body, mind and intellect. Though the expression is on the physical realm, the truth is unexplainable and unexperienced by the body. Its something beyond explanation and subtler.
It takes one into deep thought and yet the thought gets dropped because, there is no memory to think of in that aspect.
This is where the separation of the body and the soul happens. Anything connected to the body, like the mind can have memory. Anything beyond, is just space…
Its neither emptiness or nothingness, its neither fullness nor wholeness…its just something that is beyond perception, beyond discussion and beyond what we feel is reality…

As the sun sets…


She flew across the sky
Her throat felt parched
Bits of food she sought
Her babies she had left
Alone in the nest
Hungry they would be
Was her only thought

She swooped down low
Picked some morsel
Flew back to her home
To her three tiny babies
who chirped with delight
As she fed them bits
She hugged them tight

Soon she was flying again
In search of more food
Flying endlessly at times
The scorching hot sun
Never dithered her daily run
She had to feed her babies
Was her sole aim and thought

Fear dawned upon her
As she left them unguarded
Flying across the sky
She felt tired and drained
Soon they would grow up
With large wings and feathers
This gave her solace strength to fly

At times no food she found
Tears she shed of sorrow
Her babies chirped endlessly
With hunger that only grew
She would flap and fly across
Look for some bits and morsels
To feed her hungry littles

Grief choked her throat
As sorrow gripped her heart
Unable to see her tiny tots
Lying with hunger distraught
Her deep cry to the almighty
Saved her babies and herself
Soon she flew and time began to fly

Babies grew up… now older
She pushed them from the nest
With her bleeding heart
She sent them flying away
It was time for them to fly
View the world and around
and manage their own way

Tears she cried of joy
As she saw her kids fly
They had flown the nest
Roamed around the world
Made their own new nest
Successful in their endeavor
Happy and free they were

Tears she cried of loneliness
Her wings old and battered
She had lost her strength to fly
She moved around the nest
Not knowing what to do
Her time in this world was over
There was nothing she could do

Time and tide had aged her
She sank into the nest
Tired and lonely she felt
As she lied down to take rest
Her eyes peered outside
For a glimpse of her child
Time was running out

She knew it wouldn’t last
Wishing to see her angels
She chirped with behest
To the almighty she prayed
And even as she succumbed
She heard wings flap
Her eyes now weak opened

One had come back home
In time to see her depart

“Not yet Ma not so soon
You have yet to live
Love my little ones
Spend time with them
And train them anew”

And soon there chirped
Lovely and lively babies
She smiled and pecked
As now life seemed renewed
Almighty had heard her prayer
Sent these baby angels to her
Her eyes filled with love

She gazed at her own child
An epitome of love and care
Had never forgotten her
Retained her in the heart
Her heart filled with gratitude
A silent prayer she sent
For his solace and fortitude…


What my dear is love?

What my dear is love
Is it the meeting of hearts?
Is it the gelling of minds?
Is it the mating of bodies?
What my dear is love?

Love is all about space
Love is all about faith
Its all about having trust
And a whole lot of patience

Love is eternal and forever
It’s a feeling an emotion
And yet unbinding and free
Unexplored yet so known

Love invokes joy and bliss
It surrounds and supports
Love moves the world
Unifies and unites into one

Love is pure acceptance
Its also about tolerance
A deep feeling of connecting
Also its about rejoicing

Love is about freedom
being unshackled unbound
To explore to express
to be natural and oneself

Its not about bondage
Its not about possession
Its not about control
Its not about command

Love is pure sunshine
The light of the moon
The twinkle in the stars
The caress of the breeze

Entwining with nature
Mating with the divine
A meeting a union
So divine so sublime…

Where Oh Where…

My eyes searched for my beloved
My heart longed for a glimpse
Where Oh where was my love
I cried tears flowing down my cheek
A deep longing wrenched my heart
A wee glimpse was all I sought
Where Oh where was my love
I felt an ache deep in my heart
Will I ever meet my beloved?
Doubts and fears arose anew
Where Oh where was my love
I succumbed on the floor fearful
Where to look for my beloved
I needed and desired just a glimpse
Where Oh where was my love
I then heard a voice from within
Right here right now am here
Within you with you forever
Where are you searching my dear
Am not separate…but a part of you
I cried with tears of relief
My eyes glued to my beloved
Never will I lose sight ever
Will hold close to me forever
I felt waves of bliss and delight
Joy and laughter shone in my eyes
Never was I away from my beloved
I danced with a spring in my step
The mating and meeting so divine
I lost myself…now complete and sublime
One mind one heart one love
There never was any two
It had always been just one
Two hearts now beating as one
Everything merged into one
Feeling Love bliss joy peace alone…

How Oh How …Ma…


Her eyes glistening with unshed tears
Strands of hair caressing her divine face
Lips quivering with words unspoken
Her angelic demeanor so mesmerizing

No words came to me as I knew none
I just stared at her feeling her pain
She turned her face and tears fell
On my face like warm drops of rain

I was there… I wished to convey
With my palms I caressed her cheek
So soft to touch…damp with tears
An ache I felt deep inside my heart

How Oh how could I tell her
That I was with her forever and ever
To protect her…to love her…
On her side alongside… always… forever

With tearful eyes she looked at me
Fear and insecurity I saw in them
And yet I saw love so deep and profound
My angel my goddess my entire world

How Oh How could I bring a smile
On her divine angelic face
Her lips parted and she uttered a sigh
I cuddled closer to her desiring solace

She hugged me closer to her bosom
I could hear her heart beating
I tucked my face feeling the warmth
Her tears now fell on my cheeks

How Oh How could I assure her
Never will I leave your side
I snuggled deeper into her bosom
My lips touching her soft skin

She bent her head and engulfed me
With her lips she kissed my forehead
Her face touching mine now wet with tears
In her embrace I sensed immense love

How Oh How could I take away her fear
Her pain wrenched through my heart
I could hear the sound of her tears
With innocent eyes I stared into her eyes

She held me closer to herself
My cheek resting on her cheek
A part of her I was I knew
Not separate from her I knew

Just born in this world of people
I belonged only to my mother
As my eyes drooped with sleep
I snuggled closer…nose touching her neck

With tiny hands I held her close
No words could I utter I just gurgled
She hugged me tightly held me closer
I just knew that I would be there for her
Forever and ever and ever….