Silver Oak Farm, Nandi Hills

It was while browsing on the internet that my daughter came across a place near Bengaluru called Nandi Hills. She then checked ‘accommodation’ and found Silver Oak farm.

Silver Oak farm

We booked a family room for an overnight trip and got a 24 hour check out facility from 12 noon till 11 am next morning for Rs. 10710/- for four of us (2 adults and 2 kids). This included three meals and tea, coffee served in the evening.

We drove through the city towards Devanahalli to the Bengaluru International Airport and after passing the airport we drove on as per the directions given on the website and pretty soon we were driving through the gate of Silver Oak Farm which lies on the base of Nandi hills.

We were greeted by the owner, Mr. Praveen Khanna and his wife Meera Khanna and their two adorable German Shepherds named Micky and Mini. We were showed our room which was neat and tidy. A double bed and two single beds joined together was just perfect for the four of us. The bathroom had hot water which was from a solar heater.

Mr. Praveen Khanna

The family room

There was a central courtyard just outside the family room and there we saw a cute little tortoise having a meal of shredded lettuce and pieces of carrot.

The central courtyard

Cute little tortoise

After we freshened up we were offered lemon juice. Lunch was at 1.30 pm and so we decided to walk around the farm. There were many vegetables and fruit trees and we had great fun. The walk was led by the dogs. Mini walked ahead showing us the path while Micky hung around with us as we took snaps.

that’s Micky

Micky and Mini


The farm

We had walked up a good appetite. Lunch was simple but delicious. There were 10-12 casseroles with food arranged on a side table with serving spoons.

We loaded our plates with food and had to take a couple more servings till we were full. The meal had plain rice, rasam, 4 types of pickles, lemon rice, chilly bhajiya, moong curry, carrot and green peas curry, chicken curry, a dry vegetable sauté of zucchini, onions and tomatoes, curds, hot chapattis and well that is all I remember. Probably I missed out something 🙂

And the dessert, believe me was something out of this world. We looked into the bowl served to us. It had four thick pink petals floating in transparent sweet syrup with two freshly baked cookies on the side. Our host told us that it was sliced pink guavas peeled and deseeded. The syrup was flavoured with cinnamon and there was cream for toppings which was optional. The cookies were out of this world. Praveen’s wife Meera is a great cook. She enjoys dishing out special menus.

Slightly reeling with the heavy meal we decided to walk up the Nandi hill to digest it. We climbed around 425 steps which is actually three quarter way up the hill. We rested there for a while amidst nature.

Trek up the hill…

steps and steps…ufff…

It was a beautiful experience. We got back and slept off.

At 5.30 pm tea and coffee was served in the veranda and there was home baked cake and some cheeslings to go with it.

Dinner would be at 8.30 pm we were informed. So well we went to our room and read some books and just relaxed.

At. 8.30 there was a discreet knock at our door announcing dinner. The table was set neatly with two candle stands. The night was dark and silent.

We were served vegetable soup with bread which had olives, sun dried tomatoes and fried onions.

The main course was pasta with creamy spinach and sweet corn sauce. The side dish was boiled broccoli and carrots.

There was a very interesting salad of red cabbage sliced finely accompanied by carrots and small slices of pineapple.

Dessert was interesting. We were served with Danish pastry topped with hot chocolate sauce.

Next morning we skipped the early morning tea. Breakfast was buffet and there was a lot to choose from.

Puri and potato subzi, toasted wholemeal bread, 6-8 varieties of preserves, butter, cornflakes, small croissants and muffins…

All this accompanied by freshly squeezed sweet lime juice, pieces of musk melon, tea and coffee.

After the breakfast we went to the nearby village temple which is very ancient and beautiful.

The ancient temple

The chola period…


Next, we saw a potters place and tried our hand at pottery! We did manage to shape some small sized pots, though the finish was not as great as the ones that the potters make.

We checked out of the farm at 11 am. We still had to drive up the hill to see the temple there.

A monkey watching us!

view from the top

Beautiful…isn’t it?


We purchased some fresh assorted vegetables from the farm at a reasonable price.
Most of the dishes prepared were made from organic vegetables picked from the farm.

It was a great experience and we enjoyed a lot. The farm is good, the concept is great and the hosts are very good people…


‘Nanna Uru Bengaluru’

I am back to Bengaluru, India. And am I glad? Of course! This is the place where I was born and obviously I have a strong attachment to this beautiful garden city.

Relocating and writing two novels was what kept me away from writing on my blog. But I am now settled in my house and am working on my third novel.

The previous two are under perusal as I have sent the manuscript to some publishers. Now I have to catch up with my blog and my last post I had promised that I would soon upload some photos of the excellent beach at Kalba, Sharjah.

So in this post you can see the pictures.

I miss Dubai, Sharjah as it was my home away from home. The U.A.E is a beautiful country and when I look back on my stay, I realise that there is hardly anything I have to complain about that place. The conveniences, luxury and the wonderful mix of people is what I miss the most. Not to mention the clean and wide roads!

Yet, I am glad to be back to Bengaluru as it is my hometown. Also, I have a soft corner towards this city. And so I always say, “Nanna Uru Bengaluru” which means ‘my hometown Bengaluru’.

More about the same in my next post!