When Oh When?



In my previous post I mentioned about the ever so smiling cab driver and how a diamond is hidden in the guise of a cab driver. How many more such diamonds are scattered all over?

This question kept on popping in my mind at intervals. surely there were many more. If it was all a play of the divine then why had the divine hidden these precious stones in different places. Why were they not seen to their full potential?

The world is a stage and the drama of life is going on with all different actors. All actors are supposed to know they are acting and backstage they are back to being themselves. Ins’t that how it is supposed to work? Is it how its working? All are caught up in their roles and have forgotten to shed the make-up. The director is saying ‘cut’ and its going unheard…

The true scholars and brilliant individuals are hidden away in this drama. They are happy and stay away from the limelight. What is the need of the hour? Is it not time for these hidden talents to surface and take control of the play and the stage?

Or will it go on the way it is now? Is this the reason why this is called Kalyuga? Are people supposed to become blind to truth and reality and get caught up in the false glaze and shine?

What about these diamonds then? Is their life just going to pass without they being of service to these blind people? When they are the ones to show the light to the ones in darkness, why are they hidden?

Oh divine! Is it not time? Is it not necessary to wake up the ones who are asleep? To bring light in the life of the blind and to bring knowledge to the ignorant.

The artificial lights, sound, and glamour is destroying the existing human life and soon all will be taking birth as some lower species.

Will most of the human race be destroyed? The reason why we evolved into humans was to understand the self and continue with raising our consciousness levels…

When will the diamonds sparkle enough for all to see? When will the light shine so bright that even the blind can see? when will the knowledge be so clear and direct that even the ignorant can perceive…

When…oh when?


Smile your way through life

Life is like a song and a dance. A person who hardly smiles, has no joy and is always sad will move away from divinity.

If one is generally happy and joyous, spreading the joy and laughter around, surely the person is closer to the divinity.

People who smile less and are too serious about life are not much in tune with divinity and need to loosen up a bit. They take everything too seriously and have no clue how to sing and dance through life.

Life is about being alive and knowing it. Life is about love and care. It is about service/sewa unconditionally.



If we can sing and dance joyfully serving others with a smile on our faces, we need not bother about either liberation or self realisation.

Liberation or Moksha as it so highly looked upon as a big target or something to achieve is nothing but liberation from our sorrows.

Now a person who is happy will not seek liberation as he is already liberated from his sorrows.

It is people who keep swinging up and down joy and sorrow or are always sad who will wish to be liberated.

Letting go of the body or as we term death is not being liberated. The mind still continues seeking another body to fulfill its desires.

So instead of doing yoga/sadhana etc to seek liberation, it is best to live like a yogi/sadhak. Such a person will never feel the need for liberation as he just knows that there is nothing to be liberated from. He is already free!
One who smiles, laughs, serves others, is a walking example of a loving caring human being who is close to the divine.

The more we smile, more we make others smile and that’s the best sewa one can do for the world.

Problems and situations will come and stand in front of us. What can we do? Smile, as only then the divinity is closer to us and solutions will happen eventually.

So now as you read this please smile…life is just about this much. Everything else that we are so serious about is really not worth it. Smile and spread the smile…


Spread the joy

A small three letter word! But power packed isn’t it?

Joy unlike sorrow generally seems to be short lived. If we see the words, joy is a small word and sorrow is a 6 letter word!

So sorrow lasts double of joy? 🙂 🙂 🙂


Joy is our very nature, while sorrow is just a variation in the mind. We feel it is sorrow and always it is short lived though it just seems like it continued for a long time.

Our basic nature is joy and it will never take any effort on our part to be in a state of joy. Unlike sorrow that is not our true nature and so will take a lot of effort to retain.

Why do we mask our joy with sorrow? It is unnecessary. We know by now that everything is changing around us and within us. Every moment change is happening and it is constant. so what’s the worry? When this very body does not last forever and ever then anything associated with it cannot last too!


While joy is within and happens to be our basic nature, sorrow is like an illusion. It is not a part of us and we try to make it a part of us. Sorrow is always because we think everything is permanent. The life we are now living, with a particular identity is not permanent, so how then is it possible that anything linked to this particular identity could be permanent?

When the realization that everything is temporary including this form and name, registers within us, joy simply flows. Sorrow then, has no place! it never was…it was just a passing phase where everything did not seem to be working as per our wish.

Attachments bring expectations and that in turn brings sorrow. Accept instead of expect would be ideal and would never allow sorrow to come near us.


All we need to do is explore within us, feel gratitude and receive the grace to feel love, joy and peace flowing through us. As it flows through us it will spread around us and every person who meets us will feel a positive vibe…

Life is full…full of love…joy…peace and so much more. If we look beyond our day to day small issues, we will see how much sorrow is simply spreading around us. It is like a virus. Best ignored!

Spread the love, its there in abundance within us. Spread the joy…that too is flowing…



A sole word “thanks” and an emotion of gratitude would eventually bring us grace! What exactly is grace?

Grace is something that we receive extra…Just like grace marks to pass in School exams 🙂

How it works?

Well, when we feel immense gratitude and thankful to someone we express it and this leaves us feeling satisfied and complete. Gratitude brings grace. The divine decides to allow something extra because of our thankful nature. So we get  a little more than what we worked for!

How difficult is it to feel gratitude? I have seen its not easy. The words “Thank you, Thanks” etc flow easily. But the required emotion of gratitude is generally missing.

Let us feel gratitude and the word “thanks” will come naturally…

Gratitude for what? Most of the times we feel we deserve all that we receive or that we worked for it and if we received something in return, whats the big deal!

We fail to see that many a times we receive much more than what we should have. This grace goes unnoticed by us.

We all need grace and for that we just simply need to feel thankful. For what?

For every single thing we have…For this very human life, for all that we have received until now and for hundreds of things that really mattered. Always the hand of the divine has been on our head. Always and always we have been saved by grace and yet we fail to see it, and if we see it, we do not bow down in prayer.

Why does this happen? because we are too busy complaining about the little things we did not receive…We are too focused on what we need, what we didn’t receive and so on.

We miss grace in this kind of attitude. Just simply let us fold our hands and pray. let us feel gratitude for everything, for this very day, for this very morning that we woke up.

Life is so full of adventure. We never know what’s next. Let us  live this adventure with fun, frolic, love, peace and joy! Let us spread the love and joy. Every moment let us work towards this goal. Spreading love and joy should become a natural phenomena.

Let us not get caught up in worldly issues. They will come and go…Change is constant…what was yesterday is not today.



The past incidents will prove like a reference guide for us. We have come a long way and there is yet a long way to go…

Grace is always flowing…Gratitude opens the path of grace for us and we receive in abundance…

Time to feel gratitude! Thank you Lord for everything…every single thing….

Thank you God…

A cool breeze with a light drizzle…

That is what I see today as I look out of the window. Thunder I hear as the drizzle continues…

Everything keeps changing as change is the only thing that is constant.
Just like the weather our moods, situations and circumstance keep changing. How far can we control or how much are we in control of the same?

We are not! And we need not. Controlling may have become a habit for us, but it is of not much use as it only leaves us frustrated.

Even as I am writing this post, I can see the clouds a bit scared of the bright sun that is making its presence felt. I wonder as I watch the play of nature…
The vast sky with clouds, sun and the rain all together taking turns and making their presence felt.


Life too is the same. Any moment the clouds can turn dark, it can rain and very soon the sun will shine through spreading its warmth.
If we just accept, witness and absorb…we will feel blessed and blessed…

Why try fighting something we cannot fight anyway? Life is like a puzzle…a jumbo puzzle with all pieces strewn here and there. One by one the pieces will join themselves and the whole puzzle will be complete one day…until then it will always remain a puzzle!

Life is uncertain and it is this uncertainty that makes life so interesting. Who wants a typical boring routine life? It would look like a sea without waves…absolutely boring!

The waves, huge and small, dancing one after the other, swaying and overlapping, merge at the shore, only to reemerge again…

How different are we? It is the same for us…nature has its ways and we are just part of her. She plays she decides she creates…we just flow…like the wave we smile and sway…we merge and rise and the play goes on…

The sun is shining a little more brightly now as I close this post. I can feel the warmth as though the rays are hugging me and enveloping me. Secure and safe, warm and cocooned I breathe in and murmur a prayer…

Thank you Lord for attuning me to mother nature and reflecting all the beauty within me and around me…




Count your blessings! Have we not heard this so many times…yet do we? Well, should we?

NO! Just accept, acknowledge, bow down with humility and smile…

Blessed we are to have this beautiful human body and yet we fail to see the same due to the various minuscule issues that seem like huge mountains looming over us!

Blessing in disguise – heard this so many times.
Our lovely human form is the perfect blessing in disguise.

It is blessing is it not that we have the human form? How about the form of a rat or a snake or something else?

One of the wonders, the human body, the form of the divine directly is what we are wearing today!

Yet , we have our own list of complaints and we keep complaining about the manufacturing defects, the maintenance issues and so on and on!


Love yourself, love your body and love all…

Why get busy trying to alter something which the divine gave us in the most beautiful form?

Just accept, love it and live with it! Life is flowing through this very body my dear…
Breathe in…breathe out…feel the breath! It is life…flowing…



Stop being a complaint box! Just open your arms wide….and encompass all the love the divinity is sharing with you right this moment!

Close your eyes and feel life…every breath…the life force energy within…its amazing!

Open your eyes…look up and stare at the sky…look at those fluffy white clouds…floating free, unaware uncaring and blissful…aren’t they?

The vastness of the sky, the glaring sun, the rays…the warmth the heat…the breeze…



FEEL IT… look down at the mud, the grass, the sand, the roads…

Everywhere everything seems like a blessing!



Feel deep gratitude….for all that is received…Thank you God for everything…Thank you for this day, for this moment, for this life and for every single thing I have…

Send this prayer and always smile…



Life is just about this much…don’t look for anything further…





Happiness is not given by anyone to us. It never comes on a silver platter…
We choose to be happy or sad. The situations and circumstances will happen…that is how life is. It is all outside. Joy is within!

How is the outside connected to the inside? It is not…we connect it. We essentially are joy, love and peace. Whatever we see happening is happening outside and has no connection to us.

It is like the drama on the stage, the movie on the screen. We are just the witness…We can laugh or cry based on how the script in the movie affects us! Yet it is temporary, as the minute we walk out of the cinema hall we are heading towards the food court to have some good food and some ice cream too!

Life is no less than that cinema and its all rolling out in reels…let it roll out while we enjoy our pop corn and juice!

The movie is over and so will this life end…


What is there to be sad about? What is sorrow and suffering? It is a prank played by the mind, nothing else.


Do not become the role, just play the role my dear. Play it effectively and yet withdraw once the director says “Cut”. We need not continue playing the role once the act is over…

SMILE…it spreads joy and its contagious. People may feel you are crazy, always smiling…doesn’t matter what they think! You keep smiling…and let the smile be from deep within…

Look around and merge completely with mother nature. No one and nothing can be as beautiful as her. Whether it’s the rugged mountains, hills, sun, moon, stars, rain, clouds, sky, rivers ….whatever…

Beauty is all around us if we care to see it. It is time to change the glasses we are wearing. Throw away those glasses lined with sorrow and grief. They are false and never meant for us.

Pick the divine glasses of beauty and truth. Now look around with those glasses!
How can we miss the beautiful birds, butterflies, flowers? The changing colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset.


The rainbow…the rain, the clouds…

Peacocks …their colorful feathers…the white swan…the blue sky, the calm sea, the waves, the flowing river…


It is all around us…just look, wear the right glass…clear the eyes of all the unwanted films of past sad incidents…it is all over and gone.

Life is staring at you, right at you…smile…acknowledge life! Open your arms wide and hug – accept!


Make bringing smile on every face your goal…spread the smile, spread the joy, spread the love…



Do not be stuck up in your own small issues…they are a small speck in this beautiful vast universe.

Leave the speck, it is just a speck. Open your eyes wide and look…Why allow the small speck of dust to block your vision…

Life is beckoning you with arms open wide…mother earth in her entirety and beauty is waiting for you to lie on her lap…the vast sky is widely open and welcoming your smile and laughter…