Birthdays and cakes

Two words that are not synonyms and yet just go together so well!!

With my 3rd book “Dark Nights…journey of a slum boy” published, I started writing my 4th book. A fiction novel…

But now I am told that I need to work on marketing the book! So I have to spend more time online updating my status and many other things.

So when do I make time to write the book? And the icing on the cake is that after a string of festivals I have birthdays of all my family members! Yeah you guessed right. Hubby and both kids celebrate their birthdays in Oct-Nov.

So a lot of shopping and outings and the icing on the cake is that I bake the cake myself. I do not bake any of the fancy pastry cakes. Just simple but delicious cakes! Will upload the recipes on my food express blog.


Eggless dates and walnut cake


Eggless vanilla cake with milkmaid

Well, now back to the 4th book!!!

It is a wee bit difficult for a writer to weave stories, characters and plots and at the same time manage a family of two growing kids (one a teenager already). Everything in the house has to run with precision…whether its making breakfast or packing lunch boxes or planning dinners. Kids have to reach school/college on time, hubby can’t miss that meeting and so on.

Okay where was the character and what was the plot? 

This is my state at times. This is the initial hitch that I face after which the speed catches on.

Reminds me of the trains in India. The roar of the engine and the train slowly moves out of the railway station and only later catches good speed.

Hmmm…I truly do not want any red signals or unprecedented halts! I just want to be able to write the entire story without any speed breakers or halts.

Am not thinking of Christmas or New year for now 🙂