Wake up!!

All our lives we have been woken up from our slumber except when we were babies. That was when we were put to sleep!!

After that it has always been “Wake up”

So why then when we were put to sleep as babies, we were told to wake up as we grew up? Also, as soon as “wake up” instructions began, sleep was more inviting than ever.

Sleep was much more inviting in our teens!

As we grow up, we hold responsible positions and we wake up by the alarm and when we become parents, we start the mantra “wake up” for our kids.

Wake up…from sleep! What we feel about being awake when we are physically not asleep, is also an illusion.

Are we awake? Or are we sleeping with our eyes open? Not lying down and not closing our eyes does not mean we are awake.

We need to awaken to reality…to truth. What is truth? What is reality?

Does it mean that now we are in the unreal and everything is a lie?

Are we kind of sleeping over  the reality or have our eyes shut to the truth?

YES!! So how do we open our eyes? How does one wake up?

Until the time we are associating the self to the body we will always be under the false impression that when the body is awake we are awake and when it is sleeping we are asleep.

Break that illusion that “I am this body” as that is the first lie we are associated with after we are born.

Unknowingly we are trained to understand that the body is “me”. And all that the body associates with is mine.

So it is always, my body, my mind, my hand, my head, my brain, my relatives, my car and so on…

When all this is yours? Who are you??????


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