No mind!




Stop! said the mind

Why? asked the drop

‘Coz i am superior

Who said so?

I know so

You know not though

I do know though

You are but an illusion

Its just your imagination

A heap of impressions

The heap makes me strong

Again your illusion

I rule the senses

Is what you think so

I control the body

You really think so?

I am the mighty mind

‘coz you lost the intellect

Why do I need intellect?

to discriminate and assess

Why would I need that?

To learn and know the truth

I am the supreme ruler

There is only one supreme

That is me, I said so

Look beyond and see so

I am whole and complete

Its what you assume so

How do you know so?

A Speck of the same I am

None is superior than me

You will dissolve in your pride

Better than I admit defeat

There is no fight here

I believe its war here

if there were two to fight

There is another, other than me

It is a block, unveil the screen

Layers are my strength

no they are your weakness

I need them to live and rule

they are just a deception

I refuse to accept defeat

Just accept your deceit

What would happen then

the supreme will absolve you

why would I want that

as you need to rest a while

I already feel so light

dissolve and absolve

no sound…no words…

Dissolved completely

eternally…it became “No Mind”


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