You cannot possess what you love and if you love you cannot possess it!

How is that even valid? Of course I love myself, my people and my possessions. Why would I otherwise be attached to them? Its only when we love someone that we are attached to them.

Is it so? Does loving someone mean being attached to them? Love is possible only in detachment.

That is not possible at all. When I am detached how can I love? Now suppose there is a man walking on the street, who I  hardly know. Can I love him? NO, its not possible. Only to those who I love, I am attached.

You are confusing detachment with indifference. You are indifferent to that man, you are not detached. What you feel is attachment and the fact that it happens with love is nothing but bondage. You have very carefully woven ropes of attachment around you in the name of love. 

How can love be bondage? How can attachment be bondage?  I am so attached to some people and I love them so much! How can that be like a rope tied around me? I love them, I love the attachment. They are so much mine!

Yet, they bring tears to your eyes! Yet you feel hurt at times by their words. Yet you expect them to be in a certain way, you expect something or the other from them. How can anyone you love bring sorrow to you?

Well that is my fault too. My expectations bring sorrow. I need to learn to accept them the way they are. That way there will be no expectations and therefore no sorrow. But it is really difficult. Naturally when we associate so closely to someone, or if someone is your blood relation, expectations will be there. To unconditionally accept someone is not easy, though that seems to the best way to avoid sorrow.

What if that someone ignores you, or hurts you with strong words? Will you still accept the person as he is? Will you not feel hurt? Just by saying we must accept, we cannot accept. You have to love a person, in order to accept them the way they are.

Well of course, love is the reason why we would even think of accepting another person. Yet it is difficult. Why is this so? There should be no conditions in love and yet we have so many conditions. I am confused.

That is because you are not yet aware of love. What you feel is love, is only an illusion. By birth you are related to some people like your parents and siblings etc. Then by choice you are related to your spouse and then again kids are born and the cycle continues. Then you have friends, your possessions, your status and so on. You think that what you feel for all is love. It is not. It is just possession, possessiveness and attachment which comes due to ownership. You feel you are related, you feel you are the owner, you feel you possess certain things, so all that is yours, you feel you love them.

Yes, whatever and whoever is mine, I love them. That is true. I love myself, my body also, as it is mine. All that is associated with this body, my possessions, my relations…I love them too. So well because they are mine, love is natural is it not?

Is it so??? Does being born in a family blossom love for the family members by default? Does marrying someone bring emotions of love for that one? Does bearing kids, bring love automatically? Just having this body as yours, bring love for it? Is this  love? Just having something or someone is love? 

Yes, it is. Whatever I feel is mine, brings the emotion of love for them.

Love is a pure emotion…Love is absolutely pure.

I agree. My love is pure…

How can a pure emotion…a true emotion…bring sorrow??? Think about this and we will meet very soon…



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