Its all a dream!

Its all a dream!!

Even this body, these relatives, my family…??

Yes, its just a dream…a long dream we need to wake up from!

So what about the dreams at night when we are asleep? They are dreams…this life that we are leading and living is real,is it not???

So what happens when death happens? where does this life then go? where do all the relations, this body and everything that you feel you possess go?

Well as I have this life, I am leading a life, I love all my near and dear ones, I love my body and all the material possessions I have, my house, my car and so on…When death happens it just remains, while the body is cremated.

Once the body is dissolved in the five elements after cremation, who remains? Who remains to say that my family is mine, my car, my house etc. 

Well the family continues to live on I move on to take another birth probably…that’s what happens is it not?

So when you take another birth, do you remember your family, your possessions? Do you still love them? Do you miss them? Or do you just have a new family and new attachments…very casually…as though the others that were previously so dear to you do not even exist!

Yes, I actually do forget everyone…I have no clue of what went on in my previous birth, who I was, what I had accumulated and who I was close to…When again this body dies, I will disconnect from all that I feel I cannot live without…

True! So even while you have this body and this knowledge, you must learn to detach from everyone and everything…detachment is freedom…which is freedom from attachment…as attachment is bondage…

But it is so difficult. I love my family members, my relatives and my close ones. I love some of my possessions, my house. I love this body of mine and my status in society. I love my life…what should I do? How I can I not love and just leave?

Who said detaching is leaving? Also if you say you love then it means you have misunderstood love. You cannot love someone who you are attached to. You can only possess that or them. Possession leads to possessiveness and attachment and brings duality of happiness and sadness. Love does not exist in this case. You cannot love what you possess and you cannot possess what you love…Understand this well and we will meet again very soon!


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