Seeds of karma


I sprinkled the seeds
The land was barren
How will they sprout
When will they grow

I sprinkled water
Over the seeds
Not at all sure
That they will grow

Then it all began
Sprouts and plants
Quickly they grew
Into trees with flowers

More seeds I sowed
The land no longer barren
With flowers and trees
it represented growth

so many trees there were
no space left for more
suddenly it dawned
an endless cycle it was

how had I fallen in this
a trap so well knit
I knew not how to escape
Well caught was I in this

I wanted to be free
To fly and feel light
Yet I was now bound
By the seeds I had sowed

Try as I may
I could not cut any
They only seemed to grow
And multiply in many

How had I ended in this
Or was it not the end
So many lives I had shed
Too many lives I had led

It was time now to leave
The land of flowers and trees
It was not mine I knew
As tears I shed anew

Head bent in surrender
Praying for freedom to fly
A flash of light so sudden
Raging flames burst forth

The land barren again
No desire to flourish again
No desire no thought
A lesson was learnt and taught


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