Chapter 2 – Verse 1 -2

Chapter 2 – Verse 1 -2

Sanjaya says that when Krishna saw Arjuna in such a state with tears in his eyes he spoke:
“Arjuna how these impure thoughts have come to you .It does not befit you.”
Arjuna in complete turmoil completely surrenders by sitting with his head bowed, his bows and arrows set aside. He has tears in his eyes and he seeks guidance.
Lord Krishna asks Arjuna with a lot of love the reason for so much confusion as it does not suit one who knows the value of life.

Here we can see Lord Krishna reprimanding his favorite disciple Arjuna.
Though Arjuna was from a learned background and well versed, why was he behaving with total body consciousness?

When we are on the path, and as we learn and know some things spiritually, and yet we end up taking wrong decisions or making some mistake we face lot of turmoil.

The question that comes on our mind is that even after having the knowledge how I made a mistake…

See even when we are on the path, we are in different stages.

Like suppose we have to merge with the sun then some will be just absorbing the rays of the sun, while some would be feeling the warmth and might be nearer to the sun while very few might be within the sun.

This is a journey. Each on a different level of consciousness and so the reactions and actions will be based on that.

At times even though we have traversed much ahead on the journey, some situation might come up where we for a while completely forget who we are and thinking we are this body we react.

This is when Krishna will intervene and ask us why we are behaving in such a foolish manner.

This happens when the soul has travelled a little ahead on the path, is seeking and surrenders with all humility unto the supreme.

So however and wherever we are on the journey, let us remember to surrender to the supreme energy with utmost humility.
Then we need never fear as to what the consequence will be…as Lord Krishna will definitely take care of us by guiding us.


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