Chapter 1 Verse 42-43-44-45-46


Chapter 1 Verse 42-43-44-45-46

Arjuna is worried that wrong thinking will prevail and create chaos in society.
He feels that due to adultery family traditions will be destroyed.
Further he feels that such people will dwell in hell.
Arjuna’s deductions are based on the knowledge he has received from his elders.
Arjuna feels that he and the entire army of Pandavas are all ready to kill their own kinsmen in order to enjoy royal happiness.
Arjuna feels it’s better if the Kauravas killed him on the battlefield unarmed and unresistant.
Sanjaya says that saying all the above, Arjuna puts down his bow and arrow and sits on the chariot, his mind overwhelmed with grief.
This ends the 1st chapter of the Gita.
Arjuna is the prime example where the conditioning that has affected shows strongly.
He believes and acts as per the knowledge he has received from his elders and guru.
The deductions are not of his own mind and neither of Lord Krishna.
Though Krishna is on his side, Arjuna has fears, worries and deductions.
Why is this so? It is because he fails to see his true self and is speaking in complete body consciousness.
What is body consciousness? It means thinking that ‘I am the body’ which is completely wrong.
The body belongs to me is the correct understanding.
Though Arjuna is learned he is at this moment of war bound by the conditioning of body consciousness and fails to see who he is.
We too are the same. Even though we all know that we are the soul, eternal…yet we have fears and worries.
We too have our own deductions based on the knowledge we have received from our elders.
Yet, we must not forget that we have a mind and an intellect and we must use it instead of blindly following on the path shown to us by our elders.
The indication is not that elders are wrong, but they too might be following on the path shown to them and in return showing you the path.
Is that the right one? If only we ask this simple question, Krishna would answer our questions like he will do in the forthcoming chapters.
Let us not judge anyone. Instead let each of us take up this task of shedding the conditioning of our mind.
We are not using our intellect. The intellect too has its limitations, yet it has information and as we grow spiritually this intellect turns into viveka.

If we do not question, do not wonder, do not seek answers we will be just living our life as per the rules and regulations preset by society and dying.

Then again taking birth and doing the same thing. Punarapi jananam Punarapi maranam….
The cycle of birth and death of the body will continue…
Are we not trapped in this? Don’t we want a release?
Don’t we want to feel free by knowing and experiencing who we actually are?
Or do we remain trapped in body consciousness and take birth after birth… never realizing the true self?
A question we all need to ponder over as this chapter ends…the answers coming from Krishna in the next chapter which has 72 verses is a treat one could wait for…
How was the first chapter? Is it not a wonder in itself that we have completed the first chapter and truly rearing to go for the next one as we all want to bask in the wisdom that Krishna will reveal?….


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