Chapter 1 Verse 39-40-41

Chapter 1 Verse 39-40-41


As the elders of the family are responsible for guiding the youngsters to attain spiritual values, the death of such elders will deprive the younger generation from salvation.
He fears the loss of chastity of women in the family and feels if elders are there to protect this will be averted.
He fears that men in the society will become irresponsible provoking adultery.
Further he is afraid that this will lead to loss of all traditions thereby all Shraddha ceremonies will be stopped and ancestors will not be taken care of.
Ones who are not in the devotional service – spiritual path- will need to perform the required ceremonies to help the forefathers.


But those who are on the path just need to continue doing the good service and that itself will deliver thousands of ancestors from misery.


It is stated in the Bhagvatam “ anyone who has taken shelter of the lotus feet of mukunda, the giver of liberation, giving up all kinds of obligations and has taken to the path in all seriousness, owes neither duties nor obligations to the demigods, sages, general living entities, family members, human-kind or forefathers.”

What we understand from the above is, the traditions and rituals that are being followed is strictly for those who are not walking full-fledged on the path.
As per Dharma, the elders would be stable, experienced and be able to guide the coming generations.
This was true until the last few generations. But today what we see around is a complete mess and misguidance resulting due to the ignorance of most of the elders of the previous few generations.
Somewhere the knowledge and wisdom turned into rituals, orthodox systems, biased regulations, conditioning etc. leading to unwanted fears.
These fears were passed on and has now resulted in chaos.

Somewhere, the youth needs to pick up the threads of wisdom left behind by our sages in the Vedas by meeting and associating with the learned Saints and bring back the traditions and cultures long lost.

Arjuna’s fears still hold true- that adharma will happen- as it did happen.
With the loss of important wise people, misguidance and irreligion has only increased over the thousands of years.
Now a handful of learned Saints – who truly know and are self-realized – are left to guide man-kind. The fear that Arjuna feels is felt by me and maybe by you all too.
With the learned Saints taking Samadhi or staying away from man-kind, we are in for a massive disaster as we are in the process of forsaking salvation which is the ultimate purpose of the soul, the reason why we have taken this body.
Do think over these aspects as it is much in depth and every single thought will bring a difference not only to the self but to humanity at large.


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