Chapter 1 verse 37-38-39

Verse 37-38

 Arjuna sees the crime in destroying a family but the rivals don’t because their hearts are overtaken by greed.

He feels why he should engage in the act of sin when he can see the evil consequences.

Actually a Kshatriya cannot refuse to fight a battle when challenged.

Arjuna did not want to fight.

Verse 39

If the dynasty would be destroyed then the surviving members of the family would be involved in adharma.

It means that the elders in the family guide the younger generation and so if they are killed in the battle the survivors will end up unstable and would not know dharma and adharma and make mistakes.

Arjuna is in a state of utter confusion and he is weighing the pros and cons of the battle.

Once he has been challenged and the battle is to begun, it is a bit late for him to be contemplating on the consequences.

Do we face this too? At times in our lives we take certain decisions as it is just correct to do the same and then either just before the action or during the action, the doubts start creeping in?

What does one do in such a situation?

There is no way of going back and the action has to be done.

Like Arjuna we too must surrender to Krishna and speak out our doubts.

He will then guide us appropriately even if we are right in the middle of the action – like Arjuna is…



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