chapter 1 -Q &A – verse 39

Q & A

What can we do now from our end to make things good? It’s actually tough but then anything that we can do to bring minute change atleast. What could that be?
And how to understand and distinguish between the true knowledge and misguidance? Some way to understand things…
What could that be? Is it self-effort? Or something that could be of help to us to keep walking on the path without getting misguided and be of help to others simultaneously?


The only way a change can be brought about is by changing the self.

If each individual works on the self, the entire creation will change.

The conditioning has been or rather is very strong and it has sort of become the base of our behavior.

But the conditioning is just a layer which will drop as knowledge is gained and wisdom filters in.

The right approach is self-effort. Be the change…

Unless we are a living example of the change we seek from the world,
there will be no change happening.

Right knowledge will come from discrimination power which is called vivek- Now we have buddhi, which is intelligence and knowledge based on that. Vivek gives us the power to discriminate the right from the wrong. Vivek comes from the blessings of a Guru/ from scriptures/from gyaan acquired through shivirs, videos, audios of learned saints.

Until then the layer of ignorance will be there and misguidance will happen.

It is true for every individual- so nothing to worry about. It is like we are all in a dark room.

As light filters in, understanding, vivek and wisdom will become clear.

The brighter the light, ignorance will be gone and replaced by wisdom.

Now we can work on allowing the light to filter in.

Also how much ever we feel we are helping others, or can help others, we cannot.

We can only be a reflection for others to see and follow on the path.
As we walk the path our reflection serves as a light for others who may be in the dark and seeking the light.
And yet you may be in a dark room and still people might be in darkness. 

It is because they feel secure in the darkness…ignorance is bliss…

So just work on seeking light, allowing light to filter in, absorb it and flow with it.

Soon you will be the light that some people might use to ward off the darkness they are in…

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