Was there a journey
Was this the path
Who decided the path
As also the journey
Who wrote the plot
the story line the act
Was there a director
as well as a writer
Who decided the roles
to play each part
Was there some mystery
or was it just history
did it play again and again
or did it change each time
was there some suspense
some hidden loops and trails
any chance of a climax
or would it always be anti climax
Was there hope
to re-write the plot
a scene maybe or a slot
to change the act not the actor
to watch the scene anew
the climax could stay
the path could change
the journey would remain
a change of lens
of colors and themes
a complete new array
redefining the scenes
a fresh light to the grey
scenes of love and joy
laughter and miracles
utter bliss immense joy…


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