real surreal


When it all had to end
Why then did it begin?
Why is there a start?
And an end to it all

It seems like a race
With a start line to begin
And a finish line to end
The run in between
Was this the track of life?

Is it all a transformation?
With no beginning to it
And no end at all
When I see the sea
I see no end at all
The world that we see
Has no end at all

I then see the ball
A complete circle it was
Where did it begin
And where did it end
It just rolled on and on

Was life like that ball
Why then did birth happen
And why did death follow?
Was birth and death a circle
And life just like a ball?

Events roll on and on
Life goes on and on
Death, a pause in between
Birth brings life back on

If it never began at all
It would not end at all
Yet a doubt persists
Is there an end to this?
Was there even a start

Caught in circular illusions
Weaving webs so unreal
yet someone stood apart
Witnessing the surreal?




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