Only one


Who laughed who cried?
Who was sad and who felt joy
Who danced and who sulked
Who was born and who died?

In this dual game of life
It was all but two sides
Of the same old coin

One followed the other
Like a shadow they lurked
When I laughed I knew
Next moment I would cry

Why birth happened
If we had to die
Why the constant double
When it could be single

The shadow on the street
The image in the mirror
The reflection in the water

It was time now to know
How to shed the echo
One alone and no dual
How long to bear the ordeal

Eyes closed in prayer
Why two eyes I wondered
Why two ears to hear

Why two I asked the divine
Why was I not yet sublime?
Eyes closed I looked on
Where were the two now gone?

There was only one
The dual had been an illusion
It had always been just one

I no longer felt the shadow
I knew I had lost the echo
No image no reflection
If at all there was any
It was the one and only one…


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