Silence it was


What was I doing here

with a host of people

All I wanted was silence

yet I heard loud sound

talking and whispering

chatting and chattering

why was I here?

I wanted to run away

And yet my feet didn’t move

I felt stuck and rooted

Silence I craved and longed

why did the noise affect me

why did the sound resound?

quieten down I shouted

no anger in my voice

Just please be silent

I requested once again

A cool breeze blew

a shut window opened

I felt a chill run down

Gone was the sound

No voice no noise

Complete silence it was

No words no whispers

absolute silence it was

A stillness in the sea

a stoppage of the mind

utter bliss unsurpassed

a deep state of silence

where no sound pervaded

where no one existed

it was vast empty space

almost like nothingness

a state of soullessness

a state of no sound

Silence…it was…

profound and unbound…







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