Wake up…


The sun rose and shone
it was day again

the dark night was over
it was daylight again

yet the darkness appealed
it was stark and inviting
it was dangerous
and defeating

the very purpose of life
to be in the light
was I to shun the darkness
and walk into the light

Why did the light not beckon
why was the darkness more soothing

Was there some fear lurking
that stopped me from flight

What pulled me deep down
into the dark abyss

I closed my eyes afraid
why was the sun so bright

was it not comforting and cool
to be snuggled in the dark pool

wake up and open your eyes
was the voice I always heard

who spoke to me I know not
why should I care at all

I enjoyed being in the dark
with eyes closed I reveled

dreams were part of night
fantasies happened in the dark
illusions they might be
yet so real it all seemed to be

I was not waking up so soon
I was in love with the moon


2 thoughts on “Wake up…

  1. It depicts the desire to hold on to ignorance as its more comforting even though it is being in darkness…The unreal is more safe as we know it, see it…unlike the real that is unseen and unknown. the fear is of unleashing the very power that is “us”….

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