Chapter 1 Questions-verse 32-36


So till the time we replace with positive things, we are bound to experience negative things till that time…how to deal with that for the time being? Expressing it is not acceptable by others at times. Keeping it within us hurts us only. So there’s confusion at times whether to express what you feel or not. Again a thought comes be yourself and don’t think what others might think of you. A thought comes that the way of expressing matters. There’s lot of confusion at such times. What to do and how to deal with it? 

And like Arjuna we face dilemmas everyday. To fight against wrong we need lot of courage and confidence. And when we are doing that also people around criticize us a lot. And hum marte hai…as its rightly said jo karta hai vo marta hai…so how to handle that??

It is a journey…have to keep walking. Not to succumb to negatives.

Determination to overcome, cross over and reach the ultimate must remain throughout.

See the more you focus on negatives, the more it will enhance.

First accept yourself the way you are. When anger insecurity etc. take control over you unknowingly, understand that you are still working on yourself.

It will not happen instantly. It takes time, patience and perseverance for all.
Over a period of time, the bouts of anger etc. will reduce.

Keep working on the self. Atleast now we realise that we are angry and we should not have burst out. So seek forgiveness, pray and chant.
Heal yourself. Others getting hurt is only a small part.

You hurt yourself when negatives flow out of you plus you create karmas.
Once you know the double edged nature of emotions, you will be more aware the next time.
That is why it is clearly called self-effort/purushartha.

Because others are not in the picture at all. It is the self that has to transcend.
So work, effort, awareness, change etc. should be of the self and for the self.

As mentioned earlier – Others will think something or the other about us.
We must not bother about it as it is our own opinion of our self which is important and not what others say.

Each one will speak as per the colour of their specs. In one room if people are wearing different colour glasses, each will see you in different colours. One will say red, other blue and so on. Yet you are what you are!

Avoid expressing as far as possible. Sit back, calm down and think it out. Then with a stable mind speak what you have to.

We cannot fight unless we have Krishna on our side.
Krishna is the supreme consciousness and when he guides you to fight only then you will end up fighting.

But suppose you have not awakened the Krishna within, then fighting will be of no use or help.

Focus on awakening the God within. Do not fight, do not argue. If you want to fight, fight with yourself. Why am I like this? Why I am not disciplined enough to work on the self for spiritual progress?
Fight for seeking self-realization.
The one who does never dies.

कर्म करना हैं लेकिन किस भाव से और किस मोटिव से ये बहुत इम्पोर्टेन्ट हैं.
कुछ करने जा रहे हो…रूक कर पूछो भाव क्या हैं? इसके पीछे मेरा उद्देश्य क्या है?
यह विचार कर …फिर कर्म करो…
Whether you do something or do not do something, people will say something!! It is their journey.

Don’t give much importance to that. Focus only on the self. Be aware at all times…ध्यान रखो…What am I doing…what is the thought behind my action…what are my thoughts…why am I doing this?

Do not expect anything from anyone. Expectations will definitely bring misery.

Karm will come in the coming chapters in detail – we will discuss then.




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