Chapter 1 Verse 32-36

Arjuna laments that what use would be of the kingdom that he would get after killing all his relatives.
He tells Krishna that even if they kill me it is okay but I am not ready to kill anyone.
He says that he is not ready to fight with them even if he gets to rule all the three worlds.
He asks what pleasure he would derive by killing the sons of Dhritarastra.
He says that it will be a sin to kill the aggressors. He keeps asking Krishna what would be the gain and how could one be happy after killing one’s own kinsmen.


Arjuna is facing immense doubts because he has the qualities of a saint.
He is not behaving like a Kshatriya should. Yet even if he has attained saintliness and is worried about his salvation he must not forget that he is a Kshatriya and he cannot refuse to fight a battle as per dharma.


Aggressors as per the Vedic injunctions are: * a poison giver * one who sets fire to the house * one who attacks with deadly weapons * who one plunders riches * one who occupies another’s land * one who kidnaps a wife.
No sin is incurred by killing such aggressors.


Lord Rama also killed Ravana and fought the battle though he was very saintly.
Arjuna would have fought too had it been people other than his relatives on the enemy team.


Arjuna is discriminating here. It is like if it is his son or anyone close to him who has wronged, he will forgive. But had it been just any outsider, he would have fought the battle.


Wrong is wrong and in dharma one must fight for the countrymen.


Besides, Krishna had tried a lot to negotiate with Duryodhana who had refused to listen. So the battle had to be fought.


Here what we understand is – Why do we safeguard our own vices and cover them up or hide them so that they do not surface.


We feel anger and we hide it or suppress it. Greed, comparison, hatred, ego, lust, attachment are all Kauravas within us.
We cannot refuse to destroy them thinking we will be destroying our own qualities.
We cannot show any attachment to these qualities.
They must be finished and not hidden.

We tend to hide our negatives either because we are worried about our image in society or we are kind and do not wish to hurt others by speaking out in anger.
What we are forgetting is by suppressing it we are not doing any good. We are keeping these emotions very much alive within us.
Showing out anger or any negative qualities is also not the answer. So what to do?

Kill the negatives with your own positives. Pandavas killed the Kauravas. We discriminate our positive and negatives and positive quality will kill the negative quality within. How do we do this?
Replace them. How you replace old stock in kitchen pantry with new stock? Especially cleaning during Diwali…

This Diwali we will clean our inner self. We will rid ourselves of all our negative qualities by replacing them with our positive qualities.

Anger by compassion, Greed by sharing and giving /sewa, lust with प्रेम (love), attachment by detachment, ego by humility.

In Hindi we say काम क्रोध मोह लोभ अहंकार.

So fight the battle within. Once the good wins over bad then we are empowered completely.

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