Chapter 1 Q&A Verse 31


  1. Sometimes we ask opinion from our elders just in order to pay them respect, however do not always feel what they say  is right…..sometimes our sensibilities say so but just can’t go otherwise in order to not to offend them…… Why we can’t completely trust them or can’t be so confident to go ahead on our own gut feelings…Why is our internal guiding mechanism not so strong and clear…
  2.   Also  many a times we take decisions with confidence…but certain decisions may not turn out right…why does that make us lose our confidence in taking decisions again …after all nobody is perfect…sometimes we are right and sometimes we may be wrong…its natural…but why is it that we tend to remember the wrong decisions..
  3.  Also sometimes we may feel what the other person is doing wrong but we cannot be sure it is wrong   what should we do? So is there no way to help someone, also this is true if someone wants to help us and guide us well....



Elders opinion is sought because they are older to us and have experience and also to show respect.

But it is actually not necessary as the age is not a criteria at all as it is the age of the body and also spiritual progress will vary.

So do inform of your decisions to your elders and seek blessings. Whether they give or not is again not in your hand.

But with folded hands when we bow down we become humble and this helps us to rise in our journey.
Take decisions based on your inner voice. If not as mentioned in the previous post, seek the right person. But nothing is more superior than the inner voice which is of Krishna.


Decisions once taken could be right or wrong and the karmic seeds are sown accordingly.

Now by forgiving the self and all the people involved in the wrong decision incident we halt the return of the karmic debt.

The more we ponder over the negatives the more it becomes a firm impression.

 So that particular incident you must finish and burn off.

No one is perfect. So why do we seek perfection from the self? 

There is no strict definition of perfection. So just do things that make you feel good from within.

Anything that creates a negative emotion or vibration must be stopped.

No need to even remember the good times as finally it is the past.

Focus and live only in the present moment. As past is dead, future is unborn and present is yours.
WE waste it by either living in the past or future.

Past brings memories (good or bad) and Future brings worry.

Why do we need to delve in these? Present is important. Stay focused. Do not plan too far ahead. If you go on doing good -everything will fall in place automatically.

Thoughts cannot be avoided at this stage but can be replaced. If we train our intellect in thinking of spiritual questions and doubts – like we all are doing now – the thought will linger longer. These thoughts are neither the past nor the future. These thoughts strengthen and affirm our pursuit in this direction and slowly the confidence will increase tremendously. It will not be an external confidence that we have now.

 It will be from deep within, of knowing the self, understanding the self and being with the self.


What others are doing may or may not be wrong. That is not to be thought of unless it’s being imposed on you.

 So first we need to focus on what right and wrong we are doing at this present moment and change as required.

It is our journey and interfering in other people’s karma will add to our own karma.
So does that mean if our child is doing wrong we keep quiet?
No, as a parent we must do our dharma of guiding and showing the right direction.
Also at the same time we need to stay focused on our journey by raising our consciousness levels.

We cannot expect the child to change or listen to us instantly. The reaction is not in our hand. Expecting it -is also wrong. Our dharma is to guide and that we must continue doing with patience, love and prayer and not by labeling, shouting or insulting.

At times we feel other people around us are doing wrong.

WE have no right to interfere unless an opinion or guidance is asked for.

Also what we see as wrong might be right from their angle.

 How do we know as we have no idea what their karma is and what they need to do to repay it.

Rest of the people around us are actually on their own journey and that includes the spouse also. We cannot interfere in their journey by advising them or trying to guide them on the spiritual path. You can definitely voice your opinion where you feel the other person is going on a wrong track, as the entire family is affected by it. Yet, how you do it, in what emotion and what words will matter. It must be with love, care, concern, truthfulness, kindness and grace. Again not expecting the fruits…

If we are correct and doing the right thing with positive emotions – fruits of our actions is sure to be delivered.

So every action we do must be surrendered to the divine. 

He will take care of us…



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