Chapter 1 Questions Verse 31


  1. At times we are stuck as to decide whether whatever we feel is right, is it actually right? As according to us it might be right but then according to others it might not be. And then since we are also in little doubt we consult some other person and try to understand that persons point of view and then we get influenced with their thinking and again doubt whether what we are feeling is right, is it actually right to stand for it and to be confident and decide what is actually right to stand for it is my query.
    There are some situations where we know for sure this is right and we stand for it…but there are some where we are not. why is that so?  and how to come to a conclusion to take further step in that dilemma?



Perfect inquiry!
Inquiry could be for mere curiosity.
Just to know what the answer is. But the true spirit of inquiry is when the desire to know the answer or to understand something is like a raging fire within us. Sleep, food etc. does not seem important and seeking the answer is all that you can think of. This burning desire to know, to learn to understand is the correct spirit of inquiry

When the fire burns, the answers are received as then you meet the right person/scripture/guru who would guide you, lead you, answer you. The universal supreme consciousness or GOD will arrange for you to receive the answers.

Confusion is better than conclusion. Confusion means you are seeking.
Now Arjuna in confusion seeks answers only from Lord Krishna whom he considers his true friend. So when in doubt seek answer only from the person whom you trust completely. जिसपर आपको पूरा विश्वास और श्रद्धा है.
Discussing the problem with generally anyone would only add to the confusion and lead you in further misery. Not blaming anyone – but each one is on a particular level of consciousness and will react or answer as per their understanding.

 Be like Arjuna and make the inquiry with that one person whom you trust.
 You will never be misguided and your confusion will be cleared.

Some situations we are sure about our decision because at that moment we are connected to our inner voice which always speaks. The inner voice is Krishna. If you can hear that voice you will never need to ask anyone.
Yet at times we are so much trapped in our surroundings and the conditioning that we feel at a loss. At such times one can seek answers with the Guru/scripture/friend/guide.

How do you find that person?

Your desire to seek must be very strong. This will create the vibrations in the universe and someone will step into your life who you will know is ‘that’ person who will guide you.
It may be a self-realized Guru, a knowledgeable saint, a good friend who is on the path…anyone.

 How would you know that this person is the one?
A person who knows what he or she is speaking, who walks the talk… accepts you the way you are, who emits positive vibrations and always wishes good for you.

Only a person who has the true spirit of inquiry will meet such a person who will just be a guide- that too for a short while till he/she learns to fly on his own.

 If you are stuck in too many opinions and ideas progress becomes slow.

Always focus on knowing what you want and what you don’t want. You must always know what you want.
For eg. If you go to the restaurant – When the waiter asks you what you want- will you say ‘Get anything’ or will it be better if you speak your choice ‘pizza’ ‘pasta’ ‘burger’…
When you go to a showroom to buy clothes – is it not easier when you know you don’t want silk and you want cotton or whatever…
Or you are very sure of which colour you want.
Otherwise again there is confusion. Salesman will say red is good, mom will say blue suits you, sis will say green is better, hubby will say take pink and so on…So confusion only builds up. At such a moment if you just know what colour you want to buy or which colour will suit you, it becomes very simple.
Confusion is within us. Others are only contributing by adding their opinions. So we cannot blame others for their ideas and thought process. We have to be clear of exactly what we want.

Choice is ours…



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