Chapter 1 verse 31

Chapter 1 Verse 31

Arjuna feels that no good will come by killing his own kinsmen in the battle. Nor does he desire any subsequent victory, kingdom or happiness.

Arjuna is a Kshatriya and he must do his duty which is to fight.

Instead he starts thinking of the outcome and wonders why he had to kill his own relatives in the battle.

He knows that he will win and so he does not want the kingdom or the happiness that he feels is associated with it.

If Drona his Guru and Bhishma his grandsire were ready to support Duryodhana who was not able to rule the kingdom well ( or take good care of the countrymen) – why was Arjuna facing so much doubt. Was it not his dharma to fight for his countrymen, for his kingdom and fight against wrong actions?

How do we relate to this? Do we face similar turmoil when we have to do our duty?

Do we at times feel that we must not take action even when our own dear ones are doing wrong action? At times we need to stand up to our rights and fight the battle.

Spiritually, don’t you think you should fight your evils? Or should we say “Anger, greed, hatred etc. are my near ones. How can I kill them?”

If Krishna is with us and we know we are fighting for the victory of right over wrong, why should we face doubt? It is like we are saying we do not need self-realization, of what use is it?
Instead of destroying the near ones, I would rather run away…

Where? Run away- where? Can you run from your own self????





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