Chapter 1 verse 29, 30

Chapter 1 Verse 29

Arjuna’s whole body is trembling, his bow Gandiva is slipping, his hair is standing on edge…
Arjuna has started feeling fear now, his heart burns and his body trembles.
These symptoms indicate the material conception of life…

Verse 30

He is unable to stand there and his mind reels. He sees causes of misfortune.
Arjuna’s fear has reached the peak now as it reflects in his behavior. He can see misfortune, death and loss. This is because a conditioned soul sees material loss and pain due to that.

How do we relate to this? Are we in Arjuna’s position?

Have we forgotten that our real journey is in Krishna consciousness?
Yes we have. We are fearful because we are attached to the material world and everything in it.

Suppose we are in a position where we have lost everything or might lose everything – would we not be in Arjuna’s position?

Even the misfortune faced by others creates fear in us.

Our attachment is the root cause of all the emotional and physical stress.

Each of us are facing some or the other attachment.

It could be with our property, job, career, family, material comforts, house, car, image, position etc.

Think it out and slowly as Arjuna questions and Krishna answers, we too will receive all our answers.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 1 verse 29, 30

    • Thank you 🙂
      ज्ञान तो उस परमात्मा का है
      हम तो बस जैसे आपने कहा
      उसे बाँट सकते हैं
      उसी shakti का माध्यम होकर
      उसकी कृपा का आधार लेकर

      • अच्छा लगता है जब कभी खुद को किसी और में देखता हूँ… हम सब में वो है, उसी कॉमन फैक्टर को महसूस किया था अभी 🙂


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