Chapter 1 Verse 21-28

Chapter 1 – Verse 21-22

Arjuna requested Lord Krishna to draw the chariot between the two armies so that he may see those with whom he has to fight.
Though Lord Krishna is the supreme, yet he agrees to be a charioteer to his ardent devotee.
This shows us the pure and strong relationship between a devotee and God.
So when one truly and completely surrenders and accepts the divine as the supreme power, the support and love is received immediately and forever.
Arjuna never wanted to fight but as Duryodhana was never interested in peaceful negotiation the battle had to happen.

Verse 23

Arjuna wanted to see who and all were supporting Duryodhana. He was confident of victory as the Lord himself was on his side.

Verse 24

Lord Krishna drew the chariot between the two armies allowing his devotee Arjuna to see all those who had come to fight the battle.

Verse 25-

After Krishna drew the chariot he told Arjuna to behold the Kurus assembled for war.
Lord Krishna knew what was going on in his devotee’s mind. He addresses Arjuna as Partha reminding him of their friendship and relationship.

Verse 26-

Arjuna could see amidst both the armies his grandfather, sons, brothers, teachers, uncles, grandsons and friends.
Arjuna could see all his relatives and good friends on the other side of the army.

Verse 27-

When Arjuna saw all different relatives and friends he was overwhelmed with compassion.

Verse 28

Arjuna said to Krishna that seeing all his friends and relatives assembled to fight on the battlefield his mouth is drying and his limbs are quivering.

Arjuna was a soft hearted person and so he felt lot of compassion for the assembled relatives. He knew that death was inevitable for a lot of the men assembled and his mouth became dry and his limbs quivered. This was not because he was scared. It was because he was a kind person.
All the above verses show the kind nature of Arjuna and how the thought of bloodshed and death of his near and dear ones was affecting him.

However much we fight or argue with our near and dear ones, finally are we not attached to them? Don’t we feel compassion if they were to suffer even a small illness or pain?

Finally we all are like Arjuna and only a rare few would be like Duryodhana who was actually bothered only about his victory and had no consideration of the fact that many of his near ones would be dead on the battlefield during the battle.

In the coming verses we will see the turmoil, doubts and worries that Arjuna faces. This is when we can relate much to our own self.

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