Chapter 1 Questions- verse 29, 30


So do we learn from this that we should be detached with everything in life? Attachments cause all the negative emotions we face? So to feel the positive emotions,  detachment could be one of the solutions?


Yes, detachment is a must. It happens as we move ahead on the journey.
One by one all these bonds loosen and fall off. The external ones like career, money, relations will happen first.
Ego, anger, desire etc. are the difficult ones. Detachment should happen with the body also.


It is –
not being obsessive about something or someone – Not feeling you possess something or someone.
It is –
about loving everything and everyone the way they are.

Attachment causes lot of sorrow as it arouses expectations from others and self.
The worst type of attachment is that of our image.

“log kya kahenge…kya sochenge mere baare me”

लोग क्या कहेंगे ...क्या सोचेंगे मेरे बारे में

This somehow has become very important for us due to the conditioning we have received and applied. This is also due to the ego which is reigning supreme in the subtle level.
As explained earlier, people will speak what they feel and what they want to on their level. We cannot be affected by that.
Also the image we feel we are having is false as then again we see it from our mirror (our eyes) while others see it from their eyes.
So what one person’s image about you is and what other persons image about you is might be different.
Suppose you feel I can guide you, help you and you trust me. This is your image of me.
Another person might not feel any of the above. Does that mean you are wrong?
Does that mean that I am like what you think or I am like what other person thinks?
Who am I? I am what I think of myself, not what others tell.

So finally this ‘society image’ does not matter.

It is जैसी दृष्टी वैसी श्रुष्टी… You see what you are- at your level.
So what others see is at their level.

Raag/ राग is attachment
 Vairaag/ वैराग is detachment
 Sansaar se raag hoga to parmatma se vairaag hoga
 Sansaar se vairaag hona chahiye parmatma se milne ke liye
 संसार से राग होगा तो परमात्मा से वैराग होगा
 संसार से वैराग होना चाहिए परमात्मा से मिलने के लिए
 My guru keeps saying that…

Attachment in all forms…brings joy and sorrow…you will be happy or sad…two sides of a coin
Also at A time you can be in one state…and one follows the other
Like waves in the ocean
The day you know that you are the wave and the wave is just a segment of the ocean you will know the actual YOU

Detachment brings bliss or आनंद…
Bliss is ultimate


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