Chapter 1 Verse 16-20

Chapter 1 verse 16-18

Yudhishthira blew his conch named Anantavijaya and Nakula and Sahadeva blew Sughosha and Manipushpaka.

The rest of the army also blew their respective conch shells.
Sanjaya informs Dhritarastra very tactfully that his unwise policy of deceiving the sons of Pandu and endeavoring to enthrone his own sons was not very laudable.

Blowing of the conch shells also indicates the strength of the particular army and it was also used to create fear in the opposing army.

Verse 19

The vibrations shattered the hearts of the Kauravas whereas the confidence on Lord Krishna by the Pandavas was visible in the sound vibrations. It shows that the one who takes shelter with the divine need never fear even on a battlefield.

Kauravas were disheartened.

Verse 20

Arjuna seated in the chariot with a flag marked with Hanuman took up his bow and prepared to shoot the arrows and saw the Kauravas all prepared to fight on the other side.

As Arjuna had taken shelter with the divine form of Krishna, Hanuman was bound to be there to protect him. Wherever Rama is present, Hanuman is sure to be there. Here Krishna just like Rama is Vishnu Avatar.Arjuna had no need to fear as He was well protected. All good counsel was present for Arjuna.

All the above verses from 16 to 20 show that taking support of divinity evokes immense confidence in us. The message instilled in this for us is to pray.

Prayers have strength and they make us strong to face the circumstances.

When we pray we fold our hands in front of the divine and seek help. The folded hands and bowed head hint on a humble soul- one who has surrendered his pride and is requesting.

This emotion must be present when we pray and the prayer must not be merely a physical action.

The request and plea must flow from the heart with emotion. This vibration when it reaches the universal consciousness makes a shift wherein though the scene may or may not change, a guidance happens.


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