chapter 1 -Questions -Verse 12-15

1. We wish to be away from the fights and clashes at home…Yet at times we are not able to avoid them. How to deal with them and stay positive even in a completely negative environment? Is it that we learn to be calm and be positive through practice? Through meditation and knowledge?

2. Have always heard the word संस्कार since childhood…Define sanskar…What’s it exactly in simple terms to understand?

3. हमेशा अच्छे बने रहना नेगेटिव लोगों के बीचमे रहकर बहुत मुश्किल है…लोग बुरे है दिख़ता है…हमारे साथ बुरा करते है फिर भी उनके साथ अच्छे कैसे बने रहे? It’s tough to be good always for everyone…People take you for granted then…How to handle that?

4. हमेशा अच्छे कर्म कैसे करते रहे? हमेशा अच्छे विचार कैसे लाते रहे ज़िन्दगी में? हमेशा कैसे positive रहे?

5. Do the negative vibrations of our thought make us sick? Then what happens to our karmas? Also even if you are positive there are bound to be negative people around you, yet how do you change circumstances?



Sanskar…संस्कार are impressions…
एक होता है अंतिम संस्कार जो एक क्रिया है …Which is a ritual
Here we are dealing with the impressions stored within us.
Eg. Suppose आज एक छोटा सा झूठ बोला…उसका impression is stored in subconscious. अभी ये झूठ बोलना 2 or 3 times more repeat हुआ. Then वो impression पक्का हुआ…
This will cause karmic return…
It’s like एक seed डाला
उसको फिर पानी डाला
फिर उसमे खात डाला
So you fed it many times
वो पक्का संस्कार हुआ


  • How is it possible to remain positive in a negative environment? It is a good question. Easier said than done…it’s true.
  • We read in the scriptures, listen to Gurus and we want to do what they say but in the situation it is not easy at all.
  • Change must happen first in the self. It is possible through right knowledge.
    Generally we listen to gyaan and try to apply it directly. It never works that way unless your spiritual journey has begun in the previous life- like that of saints.
    So we need to take it step by step.
  • First we must cleanse our स्थूला शरीर. The body – through yogasana and then we tap the prana/ प्राणा through pranayama. Once these two are mastered we feel an inner peace while practicing the pranayama. This clears the mind of a lot of debts and the mind is clearer and not very cluttered.
  • As the clutter lessens we can attain a state of meditation where we are at peace.
    As we transcend higher on this we clear the entire load of karmic baggage and understand our true self and this is where the ego and fear disappear.
  • So to begin with the body which is an important tool without which self-realization is impossible has to be dealt with. If we have aches and pains, ills and diseases we cannot reach the higher goals in spirituality.
  • So then we must heal the body with required medication and asanas and right breathing techniques. Then pranayama…and so on. Once the mind is clear the gyaan will just happen.
  • Now suppose the mind has too many thoughts, and the subconscious has a lot of karmic baggage then though we understand what we read and hear, very little actually filters in for application.
  • The journey is tough. But this is the only journey. Rest all is just a dream. The entire purpose of the soul in acquiring a body is to attain self-realization after clearing the karmic load.
  • So sages keep saying how important this human life is…we are having this body…let us not waste the life in wild pursuits or just whiling away our precious time by running after attachments with people/material.
  • We must fulfill all our duties and yet remember to focus on our internal journey. The journey is not outside, so it is not like you need to declare it to all. It is an internal pursuit. The only thing you need to do outside is yogasana in the right manner along with pranayama.
    That is why it is called पुरुशार्थ or self-effort.
  • What is happening outside affects us because we are more focused on the outside and it is natural. But once we understand that we are different from what is outside, the journey actually needs to begin.
  • Until then you too will be a part of what’s happening out there.
    This is awareness that this is not what I want. This is not my journey. I have a different goal. Such thoughts will come. You will not like back-biting, speaking or listening ill about others…there will be many signs. One being, you are asking questions!!!
Enquiry is the first step. Then starts the tough part of the journey where we need to work towards our ultimate goal. Some amount of discipline and strictness is necessary to achieve the goal faster or to avoid stoppages.It’s called यम नीयम. Everyone is on the same journey.
But for many it is yet many more lifetimes before they reach the stage of enquiry.


The little distance that I have traversed, I have found it to be amazing.
It’s not restrictive or it does not take me away from the संसार/world.
I am part of it and yet I am with myself.
I am learning…I am enjoying…I feel empowered and the more I learn, the more I grow. I personally feel it is not a very tough journey but one must have a small amount of persistence and discipline.
It gives immense joy to be able to reach a zero state…a state of thoughtlessness and yet be aware that the body is sitting right there in a state of meditation.

Whatever is happening with you is a return of your karma. So do not blame anyone.
Also whatever is happening is a creation of your own mind.
This you will understand as we move ahead on the journey.
The more tests or testing times you need to face and you are alone on one side, be sure that your journey has begun. If you are part of the situation doing what others are doing you still have time.

It is like you are on a boat and there is a storm. Hold on, pray, seek…he will help you and guide you.
Trust- faith =श्रद्धा is very important.

Being good does not mean being naïve. बुद्धू नहीं होना
So I keep saying be aware. Do not be taken for a ride.

Say no with confidence where it is required.

Be kind, be loving and yet be aware. If people are working on using you thinking that you are such a goody goody then just smile and walk away.

The more ahead you walk on this path, you will see that you will become more alert, attentive and aware. Because the mind is clear…

जो चाहिए वो सोचो …दुःख चाहिए दुःख की सोचो और अगर सुख चाहिए तो सुख की सोचो…

You are the one sending out vibrations. Send only what you want to receive. It is difficult to be something you are not. But it is very easy to be what you are.
When something wrong or negative is happening and you are not part of it and yet you are there watching it….see if you can bring about a change. If no one listens to you, sit and pray. Chant mantras, read scriptures, use cotton to close your ears or listen to music on your earphones.
Anyway it’s just a movie and it will be over very soon.
Just like the television serials on TV. Give only that much importance as it deserves only that much.
If you too panic or behave negatively then you are becoming a part of the serial. Do you want that?
-This is where being aware helps. And to be aware start working on your body, prana and mind immediately.

Yes negative thoughts and the vibrations that we emit directly affects our body and prana making us weak and even sick.
It causes an imbalance of the त्रिदोशा ( three doshas) – वात, पित्त, क़फ resulting in dis-ease.

Karma we will deal when the chapter comes. It is very much in detail.
People around us will be emitting negative as well as positive vibrations.
If you can avoid, do avoid people with negative vibrations. But if unavoidable (like if in the house or work place) then wear your jacket of positivity.
You have to be aware all the more.
Prayers help a lot.
It changes the vibrations around us.
We cannot change much of our circumstances as what is happening in the present has to be faced.

How you act in the present will decide your future!!


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