Chapter 1 verses 12,13,14,15

Chapter 1- Verse 12

Bhishma blew his conch like the roar of a lion delighting Duryodhana and building his confidence.
Bhishma out of compassion for his grandson Duryodhana and seeing his inner conflict blew the conch loudly indicating full support from his side.
Bhishma knew that Krishna being on the other side, Kauravas were bound to lose and to cheer him up he hinted on his fair support.

Verse 13-
After this the trumpets, bugles, drums and horns were suddenly sounded indicating the war cry.

Verse 14-
On the other side Lord Krishna and Arjuna both sounded their individual conch shells.

Verse 15-
Lord Krishna blew his conch shell called Panchjanya- Arjuna blew his Devadutta and Bhima blew his conch called Paundra.

Verses 12 to 15 show how before the war commences each person announces his presence. How a war was fair and clear with the right conduct.

The Panchjanya means the five elements of fire earth water air and ether.

Devadutta meant, like god and paundra meant strong and huge like Bhima.
So each one based on their personality blew their conch.

The vibration produced by the sound differs and each has its own effect.
In our individual homes we all tend to argue, fight or have some quarrel at times. How fair are we and how clearly do we follow the rules? Do we announce our war? Or we just burst out without giving the other person a chance to prepare?
The conduct of wars hints on our personal lives.

There must be a time and a place to fight. We cannot just start fighting anywhere anyhow with anyone. Some degree of decency must be maintained.

Blowing the conch in a way means emitting vibrations.
What vibrations are we sending out? Positive or negative?

Reflect on the energy vibrations that we are emitting as this definitely reflects on others around us and eventually their behavior with us.

Wars happen on the physical level. Vibrations are subtle. So be aware…


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