Chapter 1 Verse 9,10,11

Chapter 1 – verse 9

Duryodhana says that he has a good team of warriors all ready to fight and die for him.
This indicates that death was sure for those who were on his side.
He feels that victory was possible as he had a wonderful army.

Verse 10-11

He boasts that Bhishma being on his side the strength of his army increases as compared to Bhima who was on the other side and was less experienced.

Duryodhana is comparing. Though the Pandavas are a smaller team led by the less experienced Bhima, Duryodhana is ascertaining that victory is his, forcing the fact that Bhishma was on his side.

He then tells his men that each one must support Bhishma as he is aged and protect him.
Somewhere deep inside the fear lurks inside him so he addresses all the men thereby being very diplomatic again.

He knew that Bhishma and Drona would support him and not have a bias as even during Draupadi’s cheerharan they had silently watched.

Here we see Duryodhana suppressing his fears by forcing the thoughts about the strength of his men and diplomatically pleasing them all by praising them.

He is only pushing the fears deeper inside as he is unable to face the thought of losing the battle.
His thought of fighting for the kingdom is not wrong.
His thought of fighting for the rights to rule is not wrong too.
But the way he is doing it is wrong.

His other actions wherein he humiliates his brothers and their wife is unacceptable.
His greed, hatred, anger etc. were his negatives which was making him blind to his own faults.

Touching another’s wife, usurping the land by cheating, not allowing his brothers a fair share of the land reflects on his strong negative emotions, thoughts and actions.

Each person has both qualities.
But when the negativity builds up  positivity is reduced and vice versa.

For this I would like to state a small story:

Once upon a time there is an old man. He is telling a story to his granddaughter about wolves. He tells her that there are good wolves and bad wolves and she says that the bad wolves must be killed.
So he says that, then feed the wolf you want and starve the wolf you want to kill.
The wolf we feed will grow bigger while the wolf we starve will slowly die.
Similarly we must feed our positive traits and starve our negative traits.
Like anger, greed, hatred etc. must be avoided and not reflected upon or aired.
Whereas the positive habits of love, goodness, caring, kindness etc. must be reflected upon and repeated again and again.
This way we feed and grow the positive wolf and slowly by neglecting the negative we end the negative wolf.
  • Let us from today reflect only on our positive traits and keep enhancing them more.

  • Any word or action that hurts the self or the other person is negative.

  • Take care of the self. Observe, introspect and walk ahead on the path.

  • Awareness and attention is necessary. If you are aware and you are attentive you are in the present moment. Rest will fall in place automatically.


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