Chapter 1 Q &A verses 12-15

1. Why did Bhishma and Dronacharya support kauravas knowing that Duryodhana was wrong…why was a woman i.e.draupadi being a queen not given respect …she was humiliated by her own relatives…in front of everyone…


Bhishma had taken a vow to always support the ruler of Hastinapur.

Dronacharya in his utter poverty had been supported by Bhishma and he had stayed in Hastinapur. He owed it and also he was the Kula Guru and would have to be siding the king.

To understand the psychology behind the above two characters we will need to read the Mahabharata.

Yet in short, both were bound by their words and obligated.

Yet their being silent when Draupadi was humiliated was wrong.

They were good men but both had made their share of mistakes.

As we discussed earlier – good and bad – two sides of a coin.

Drona’s son Ashwatamma was on Duryodhanas side. Drona was much attached to his son.

So we understand that both the men had their weakness and for siding with the negative (Duryodhana) they died in the battle.

When Draupadi was brought to court, it was Yudhishtirs mistake also.

He being a Dharmaraj, his pledging his wife does not sound correct.

But he never lied and that was his plus point but he too made a mistake.

Also here the strength of prayer and God is unmatched- is the hidden message.

Also on a finer note if we see, even Lord Krishna did not appear or stop Duryodhana or kill him on the spot. Instead the whole shameful scene continued and Krishna kept on increasing the length of the sari. Also his grace was possible only after Draupadi called out to the Lord to save her from embarrassment. Grace is possible…

Draupadi still had to undergo the shameful treatment. This indicates that Karma is so strong that even Gods cannot intervene in it. They can just provide grace and blessings. 

Jealousy played a major role in the revenge and avenge during and before the battle.

The story goes that:

Drona had been badly humiliated by Drupada and so after training the Pandavas he had sent them to capture Drupada and bring him – which they did. Drupada after feeling insulted vows to avenge.

He prays for a son and a daughter.

Dhrstadyumna his son kills Drona and Draupadi marries Pandavas who end up fighting against Drona.









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