Chapter 1 More questions- Verses 12-15


Sometimes when we are not in sync with any member/s of family…we don’t declare physical war but our behavior (subtle energy) communicate the same…. How to overcome that ‘coz sometimes inner conflicts are going on and we try to be in terms with ourselves without involving those with whom our thoughts are not in sync…….please reflect.


When we emit negative vibrations knowingly unknowingly we are at war.

See, when we emote negative emotions of hurt, anger, sadness etc. the others around might not be aware of the same as we are not physically showing it.

But we are at war with our own self.

The negative vibration is released from us which means we are in its aura first even before it reaches the other person. So we are harming our own self.

It is like we are releasing poison and thinking it won’t affect us. It will affect us first.

So whether we love the other people around us or not, let us love our own self.

Negativity of any kind coming out of us physically or subtly is harming us first. The chemical reactions take place inside our body once we feel the emotion. So eventually we are harmed. So it is best to be aware of what we are feeling, emoting, speaking etc.

Awareness is the key to every lock in this spiritual journey. Be aware…be attentive…

How do we replace this negativity we feel within us by positivity?

Feed the positive wolf inside. Focus only on that. It is like a bucket of clean water.

Unknowingly we add some dye or some muddy water. Now we desire to have the clean water again in the bucket. It is because purity is our true nature.

We cannot spill it. Solution is to keep the tap of clean water running.

Soon the muddy water will all flow away and the bucket will have only clean water.

So basically we have to wash it out with positivity till the negativity fades and disappears.

On a deeper level we have our impressions recorded on our subconscious mind which we call sanskars.

Our thoughts and actions are generally based on which sanskar/impression is dominating at that time.

There are many and we do not know what they are – good or bad – nothing we know.

So we have to be aware –

कौनसा संस्कार कब उठकर आएगा? उसको ख़तम करने के लिए नया अच्छा संस्कार डालना पड़ेगा
 It’s like putting new seeds – of good actions.

So saints and elders keep telling us – acche karm karo

अच्छे कर्म करो ….keep doing good-

Just be good. This is the only way we can make the bucket of water clean again.

This we will go in detail when we reach karm yoga in the Gita.

Negatives can be diluted by positives …cannot be plucked and thrown out…

So keep adding +++


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