Chapter 1 Verse 2, 3

Chapter 1- Verse 2

Sanjaya tells Dhritarastra that Duryodhana has gone to his Guru Dronacharya to speak.

Chapter 1 Verse 3

3rd verse- Duryodhana tells his guru to see the great army of the sons of Pandu very expertly arranged by Drupada’s son Dhrstadyumna (who is trained by Dronacharya)

Duryodhana is assessing the strength of the other team before the war commences. He is reminding his guru that the opposite team holds all the warriors trained by him. Indirectly he is warning his own guru not to favour his students who are in the enemy team

This shows the weakness and insecurity of Duryodhana. He forgets that the same guru has trained him and many others in his team. The guru himself is on his team and yet his doubts create fears in him and he goes to check how the army has been arranged. He knows that the Pandava forces are lesser in number than Kauravas. Yet he fears. ? What exactly is Duryodhana afraid of? Why does he doubt his own Guru?

Why does a person feel fear after seeing someone who is more powerful than him?
Does power lie in the physical body, material accumulation or the mind power?

Duryodhana deep down knows that he has erred. He knows that the battle of dharma will be won by the one who has always been following Dharma righteously.

He compares- one who compares with others is not confident of his own self and so compares with others to see how good or bad he is.

Where do we stand in this scene?
What are our fears based on?
Definitely we all have our own fears.

Rarely would one see a person who is fearless. So check, introspect and find out what our fear is based on.
Insecurity? Self-doubt? Comparison? Our past karmas? Ego?


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