Chapter 1- Q &A-verses 1,2,3


1. Sometimes it is seen that a person has everything that he could possibly crave for….but still there is insecurity…a fear…why? How to overcome those insecurities and fears once you know them?

2. Kurukshetra happened as the war between dharma and adharma….people who were on wrong side (whatever may be their reasons) knew in their heart that virtually they would lose…just wanted to know if the parameters on which it was decided who is on the righteous path, still hold good in present days?

3. If fears are based on ego or our past karmas, how can we overcome it? Also sometimes there is a subtle ego which is still left, how to overcome this? If what is happening is a result of our karmas, was it Duryodhanas dushkarma which led him to doubt the will and strength of his own guru in this moment of necessity?

Fear is there in all of us. Fears are of various types. When someone has everything he wants the fear increases as now he has the fear of losing it.

Fear is always of the past and the future. Now in this present moment when you are reading this there is no fear.

But as soon as you are out of the present moment you are either in the past or in the future. Fear of losing all you have, fear of not being able to grow spiritually or financially, fear of death, fear of illness, fear of losing the good health you have now etc.

Fear is always from comparison. By comparison it does not mean only comparing with another human. It is generally relative …to society.
Like you compare with yourself also.

See 10 years ago I was nothing. Today I am something and tomorrow I will only grow better. This comparison brings fear too.
Fear is a vast topic.

How to overcome these fears?
Insecurity comes from fears. Fears make you insecure.

Only and only when you are in the present moment that fear is not present.

We are very rarely in the present moment. And when we are, fear is not there. The idea of fear brings more fear.
For dealing with fear one must become an observer (seer). It is subtle…

As you travel further with the Gita and you realise who you actually are, the fears will drop completely.
It is very early in the journey now to just let go of fears. Because it is easy to say but difficult to follow.
At this moment of our journey, let us learn. As wisdom dawns, fears disappear…


Kurukshetra happened as the war between dharma and adharma. The question is absolutely relevant and yes it is as good as it was in that era. The battle is still there, the battlefield is there and the fight for dharma and adharma has not changed at all.

The ancient rishis who wrote the scriptures were far sighted and they knew how this scripture will help mankind much later.

As I mentioned earlier, Gita is within us. The battle actually is not happening outside. Everything is inside. Dharma and adharma, the evil and the godly all are within us.

As rightly said, Dharma will win, so it is. Good triumphs over bad always.

The pure atman knows the truth. It will triumph and merge with God (infinite consciousness).

Parameters of right and wrong will always remain the same. Our perspective changes with times, yet the original parameters will always be the same.


Ego. Everything is based on the ego. It’s always “if I can’t do this…if this happens to me…”

The attachment to the “I” results in all types of fear.

Past karmas …yes…as those actions are rooted in our memory and so the memory of the same brings fear.

Fear has to be dropped. Cannot overcome it. Fear is unreal.

The Gita is like a sea…deep…As we dive in, the ego lessens and the subtle ego will drop when self realization occurs.

Yes, Duryodhana’s past negative actions or karma led him to doubt his own guru and his own self. Our actions speak for us.

The fear of losing, masked his senses and he provoked his guru Dronacharya by indirectly reminding him of his dharma (that though Dronas disciples were on the other team also; he must still remember to fight righteously without bias)





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