Endless path…


Image courtesy: Reeta

The path so endless
I stared ahead
Where would I reach?
How would I go?
No one in sight
Was this my plight?
Was I to walk alone?
Would there be no one?
The path beckoned
Should I go alone?
There seemed no choice
I put a step ahead
The next step just followed
I saw no end to it
It just seemed endless
Was there a destination
I was not quite sure
Yet walk I would
Unclear and with fear
The trees large and wide
Branches swayed leaves swished
There was no sound
Apart from the murmur of leaves
The breeze stirred the mud
I stared at the haze ahead
The path now not visible
Yet knowing it was endless
It would lead me somewhere
I quickened my steps
Something stirred within
The murmur felt like a song
A feeling an emotion
I lost the tremor
There had to be an end
I looked ahead more confident
Not looking for the end
Just looking at the path
And my next step ahead
No longer feeling lonely
a smile on my face
The trees the birds the sky the path
all were now my friends
In the dense forest alone yet not lonely
I lost my fear felt joy and wonder
The forest sounds now so clear
I felt akin to nature…

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