All but one…


Image courtesy :Reeta

Vibrant and pink
Or was it indigo
Fluttering and swaying
So free in the wind
Light like paper
Devoid of weight
All in a cluster
A complete array
Delight in the self
Not bothered elsewhere
Living for that moment
Not worried about tomorrow
How different are we?
Not much and yet so much
We single out and sulk
Sit in corners and cry
The moment never with us
Past and future torment us
Colorful and divine
Light and sublime
Are we lost somewhere?
Or is this  destined?
Look at the flower
No different from us
We see the difference
It sees no difference
Its all but one
We all are one
Its one and the same
We are just but one
Every speck of nature
Is all but one…
We are just the same
All but one…

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