“Mom!” screamed my eight year old son. The cucumber slices almost fell out of my hand. “What is it? You scared me,” I scolded arranging the veggies on the bread.
“My pencil box is not there in the bag!” he exclaimed. He was looking everywhere in the room. He even picked up the cushion on the sofa to check if the pencil box was underneath. I left the half made sandwich, wiped my hands on my apron and joined the search.
“Mom, my tie and my prefect badge are not to be seen. Have you seen it? Maybe you kept it somewhere while putting the school shirt for washing,” yelled my thirteen year old daughter from the bedroom on the first floor.
Now I was supposed to look for three things. It was Monday again. I sighed. After two days of relaxation, Monday mornings were always stressful. Everyone was looking for something. “Didn’t I ask you last night if your bag was packed and if your uniform and accessories were in place?”
“But Mom, I had packed my bag. I don’t know where I kept the pencil box after doing my project” said my son walking in circles around the room looking very frustrated.
“Mom, my tie and badge were right here in my wardrobe when I last saw it, but I can’t find it now. We will be late for school. Ma, come up and help me search” my daughter continued screaming from the floor above.
“By the way when was it that you saw it last?” I raised my voice, slightly angry now.
Hubby intervened. “You go and make those sandwiches. I will take care of the missing items.”
“How are you going to search now? They have to leave in ten minutes or they will be standing in the late line and getting punished.” I went back to the kitchen to pack the lunch boxes.
My eight year old meanwhile had managed to find his last year’s pencil box, sharpened a few pencils and came and showed it to me. “My good boy,” I managed to say still worried that dear daughter had yet to find her tie and badge.
“Oh! Ma, I found the tie and the badge in my school bag,” my daughter breezed down the stairs screaming with delight.
I packed the lunch box and handed it to them. Thankfully everything was resolved and they were not going to be late.
“Ma!” exclaimed my son.
“Oh my God, what is it now?” I asked hoping there was nothing else missing.
“My pencil box was right here in the bag. I had kept it in the place where I keep my lunch box” he said smiling sheepishly, happy that he had found his original pencil box.
“Okay bye mom” “Bye Ma”
I closed the door and heaving a sigh of relief sat on the sofa. However much I tried and checked that everything was in place for
Monday morning, something was bound to go missing. Or probably it was just the stress that everyone faced when the week began after a nice enjoyable relaxed two day long weekend. Tuesday until Friday always went fine.
The Monday morning blues…I recollected the song. I needed a cup of ginger tea and I was going to listen to some nice soothing music and relax…Next Monday was another week away!



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