The Mighty Oak

Said the oak to the grass
You are so tiny and crass
Look at me so mighty and tall
So strong, never will I fall
I can feel the wind and breeze
While you just get all the sleaze
You are just a little weed
A thing none of us need
I give shelter and shade
While you simply fade
I am superior in every way
While you dry and turn to hay
Said the grass to the oak
On your words you will choke
Don’t be sure of your might
It may one day make you slight
Though you may not agree
I have a certain pride and pedigree
Do not boast for you will see
Time will take away your glee
Once the axe hits on you
You will die with no clue
Oh mighty oak don’t be proud
Don’t sing your praises, out aloud
The storm and wind can shake you
The lash of nature can end you
Life is meant to give and share
To love and to care
Try to be noble and kind
And peace and Solace you will find…

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